Tuesday, 20 July 2010

201 : Back to French

I took a course a while ago to learn French, it worked to give me the basics but am not really that good, although I planned to start the next level right when I finished it, I didn't. So bow back to French and this time with self learning :} so I looked around in the internet for a good podcast :> and found that Alexa has a very good one! She is very good, easy going & repeats in a non boring amount with short around 15 minute lessons, so far am in lesson 2, each per day, I'm catching up with her pretty well! Better even from the course I took. The podcast is very good & highly recommended.

I have a thing for self learning, I find it much more amusing than attending a class, even if I wish to go into a class and get a certificate in any field, I like to have my own introduction about that subject before it :]


Ahmed said...

I'm actually learning Spanish and French thAt way , with applications on my iPhone it's much easier and more fun

Q80-ChillGirl said...

Am using my iPod for listening to them too, works for me so far, I didn't decide to join the iPhone league yet :p