Friday, 16 July 2010

Work, more work, even more work

The new challenge am facing is bad management & the lack of prioritizing work. I think its normal in any work place that there is a time when a lot of work is just piled up, load periods at work happen, however I know from experience if you can prioritize work, set deadlines and organize the work flow "not slow it down!" then you can manage to finish out a lot and get pass that period. The problem is, if there was not proper task management/ guidance & prioritizing! And the do'er, is asked to do all at once.

That whole situation took a chunk of my time today, till I realized that I will always act as I feel :) and that I have the knowledge to breakdown any big task, why not utilize all that now? So I settled on four things:

- Take time to organize, try to prioritize
- Finish up time consuming repetitive tasks
- Write down everything
- Clarify all that to the management

With that, I think I can beat it.

Thought of the day: to do one role is a thing, doing two is another, and when you fail to do your role, you should step back & not blame others if they did not do their & your job well :]

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