Thursday, 29 July 2010

210 : Details

I admire embroidery! No matter hos simple or complex it is I really appreciate the working hours people have put up into any embroidered piece. Its been very long since I wore such work on a semi-casual blouse, for a while I kept my focus on colors & fabrics rather than work done on fabrics, printing is as far as I went. What made me take this piece is that they mixed some small chains and tiny plastic shiny stones "or thingies". It lid up the very plain & somewhat dull color of the blouse :]


Marzouq said...

I hate embroidory, not cuz of the work, but that material scratches you and it jumbles all your clothes, I have seen women walk past table cloths or curtains and it suddenly gets caught on them! lol

And again it scratches!!! Why would I swear something that could possibly injure me! lol

Q80-ChillGirl said...

LOL, u made me feel that they embroidered needles & barb wires, 3ad mo injury :p you just have to pick the right amount of embroidery in ur outfit & be careful when moving :p that is IF the work is very big, the one in the pic is very simply & almost not edgy doesn't get tangled up with other stuff