Sunday, 21 November 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

Well if ur up to date with my blog lately you probably will guess which blog will I talk about :D yes its none other THAAAAN :

Desperately Wandering By the one & only @@ >> Misguided <<

So in THIS previous post you will know a lot about this blog, but I had to write about it again to give it its fair of appreciation :} Soothere I found :

something that really made me laugh VERY FUNNY, this guy has a good sense of humor,, if you after reading the post want to see it :} take this link & open it with Quick Time.

A book is always there & boy he did make me want this book sooo much, but still I didn't get it as I planned to pay some book stores a visit but this weekend but couldn't,, maybe & hopfully I will find the book in stores here if not then Amazon it is "as the blog owner advised" ,, look through the archives you will see that reading is one of this blogger's interests

Quotes & videos are the most interesting part I think, because of the wide variety they come in. In this blog "Desperately Wandering" a combination of visual & readable entertainment, that doesn't deny that there are wise pauses "if I may say" in this life.

Radio Kuwait 103.7 FM is there @@ can u believe this guy, Mashallah his blog is sooo much fun to me :} there is a lot to check out, read, see (democratic guy he even lets you send a request ;p) & even hear!

So much to say but I really don't want to spoil it more although all of the links I posted combined are just a simple taste of what you can find there :},, I hope you like the blog as much as I do & I have it in my daily visited blogs too :}.. Last but not least Cheers to


BloBoz said...

You still the #1 blogs reviewer in the world :)

Thanks for the review.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thank you for the nice complement dear :} I appreciate your words they really did encourage me alot, thank you.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

& i hope u like the blog as much as u liked the review :}

Purgatory said...

metta alla yetoob 3aleena wo yedkhlna elBOTY :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

P72 :},

Hmm I dont know.

BloBoz said...

Q80-Chill girl

Ya3ny fey shay ya3gbech ma ya3gebny , kafey el Sheep elly 6ala3ley groans lol ,,

blo bla

Q80-Chill Girl said...


;p why not !!

لولا اختلاف الاذواق لبارت السلع

am glad u liked it :}, next stop will be about CD's :D lets see if am good at reviewing CD's too ?! :D