Saturday, 27 November 2004

A few notes!

  • Today is day 1 in my diet.
  • Will not rush into a strict diet YET, I will let my body & mind accept less food in the next two weeks.
  • Will add an hour to walk daily.
  • Jogging will start gradually as the distance I will walk/jog every day will increase.
  • The weather these days tempted me to walk out side, then when it gets hot or more crowded where am walking in I will go indoors.
  • The health club is after that, since currently the aim is to get the blood circulating, lose weight more than tone & shape the body.
  • Tomorrow will be the first day to go walking.

Wish me luck :}


nibaq said...


Today I also plan to go back to the gym. Its been almost a month or more since I last gone. Ramadan, then traveling then laziess. So I am out of excuses...

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Thank you dear :}

& I wish the same for you,, am out to walk in a few hours the weather is nice today.

nanonano said...

QCG:darling do what i do....and this is my system all my life
ذوقي و ما تكليش
لا تخلين شئ ابخاطرك بس ذوقيه صدقيني
بس مو تفرطين فيه

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

G'luck! Don't forget to try "Okho Aziz" juice tomorrow :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

HeLLo nanoo :D

Well I usually eat much when am depressed so its a mood thing more than a big appetite, since i have been under alot & moody for a while i gained weight like i NEVER did, & now is the time to lose it & i can control my mouth inshallah :D thanx for the advice & u r right about it.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Will Do, 1st thing after work ;p

Tooomz said...

Good luck sweetie! I've got to do the same..but the weather..brrrrr. Hehe, always gotta make my excuses!

Jelly Belly said...

YOU GO GIRL! You have my fullest support since I TOTALLY know how hard it is to get back on track. I just went back to the GYM myself, mostly taking my yoga classes. I highly advice you to start taking yoga, believe me it’s an awesome experience. I wish you the very best and don’t let your depression get the best of you. I am an emotional eater myself and it sucks when you have a bad day that ruins all the work you did. So hang in there and think positive, the first step in dieting is learning how to get rid of all the emotional garbage so you can have a good start. May I recommend 2 good books I’m reading now that are helping me with my dieting and exercise: 1-Feeding the hungry heart by Geneen Roth. 2- Get with the program by Bob Greene.
Good luck again!
Oh yeah I’m new comer and I did enjoy your blog please stop by my blog some time ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

TooooooooooMi :} HeLLo there LAZY gaal ;p

stop making excuses @@ go out & run oO soon will the BRR will go away :D its a nice feeling to be warm when the atmosphere around u is cold & winter-rie :}.. & thanx for ur wishes :D I hope i make it

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Thank you sweetie that is so nice of you :D & thanx for the support,, more on the diet issue is on ur blog ;p

am glad u dropped a comment here so i can visite ur blog which btw looks pretty interresting :D at least we have the weight thing incomon so far ;p...

Yoga @@ hmm nice idea actually but needs time I have to rescedule a few things to squeez it in.. Appreciate the book advice :} will look for them & keep u posted if i get them/ read them...

Again thanx new blogger on the block for dropping a comment :}

Alexis said...

MWAFFIGA! :D drink water alot and don't eat fruit 'cos it contains sugar...and fast 'cos it helps I guess. I'm so happy for you it feels great..."Starlicious Make-over"

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thaaaaaaaaanx :D allah ywafg eljmee3,,, will follow ur advices in the advanced level :D still am starting slow,, baby steps thing :}