Thursday, 25 November 2004

Poor Men

Today I have been out most of the day .. Shopped in the morning & had lunch out, right when I came back home mother had some urgent business & needed me to take her out, so am out AGAIN @@. The part where the men seemed to be poor & I felt for them is when I dropped mother at a shop she needed "the urgent stuff from 3la golat'ha" & since it was a busy area there was no close by parking so I told her I will wait for her in the car, stopped by the Yellow+Black pavement for an HOUR :} where the police man which was very nice for not giving me a ticket just spoke to me asked me to move the car for 4 times "this is when he is nice again for not giving me a ticket since I came back over & over" & each time I move but get back to a spot either before or after my previous one ( I had to be in the same area). Mother called me saying why don't you come down since it will take long, I refused & prefered to talk to D'n'G...

  • Spoke to D
  • changed the parking 4 times
  • mobile bat. died on me
  • ate some chewy candy

STILL mother didnt finish her QUICK, URGENT business @@

So at that moument I thought of men who nag about taking us women shopping, I DON'T BLAME THEM :}, unless the person enjoys going shopping with a women in the same time then it can be KILLING to them.


Purgatory said...

what flavor?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Orange, Strawberry, Rasberry, Lime

it was a mixed one :}

Ra-1 said...

It happens alot! that my mom asks me to take her to a place that I dont like to go to,so I just wait and wait in the car :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I hear you sister :},, & u cant say a thing :D u cant complain it is ur mother after all so u eat it up & hope she wont ask u again till the next mellinuim ,, which is the next day in my mother's calender :D


If you only truly knew what us men endure when you women imprison us with your addiction to shopping/window shopping and the like! It's good you were empathetic though! It's a start to gender-compromise.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:D what is ur problem? 3adi its a thing women do!! as much as men like going to el-gahwa or Dwawein,, so its a habbit not a crime :}.. + alot of women understand & appreciate what men try to do for them & alot of women do A LOT for men & dont get appreciation !!

its not about gender its about who you are + how you were raised :},, i think :>