Sunday, 21 November 2004

Sunday @ work

Today they finally gave us some work :D I was so thrilled & happy that I made two Excel documents (one with 10 sheets the other with only 2,, but they had illustrative tables not full with data) & a PPT presentation in 45 minutes ( i know @@ that is not fast but hey! i havent been working for a LONG while now) to illustrate two ways of doing the assigned work , so I made an example & explained both methods inorder to make out point clear to the new manager which was surprised that I made a slide show & illustrated every thing we wanted right after the meeting & she wants me to work the way that me & my colleagues decided its the best & explain it to the manager when she gets back from her 3 days off (to attend a funeral may their lost one RIP) & I already have a lot of ideas to include to the lets say "improvised" presentation. What am happy about more than being assigned to wrork is finally having a chance with that new manager which likes new blood in the place "not in an aggressive way I meant new souls hmm that can lead to the same aggressive hint , that is if u have an aggressive mind" ANY how I hope this works out. Although that doesn't mean that I will stop applying to other places :} I don't see my self in my work YET.

I loved the cold weather in the morning :} it was 15 deg. cel. In the car when I got into it I really smiled from the heart when I looked up to the sky & saw it, it was so amazing & beautiful, the most thing I love about the cold weather is when u get a red nose also when u talk & u get some white smoke like breath out of ur mouth :D I still do that for fun when it gets cold here.

The rain yesterday was very nice & shy abit :} but I managed to stand under it although I was DEAD tired when I got home after a long day & less than 2 hours of sleep. So yesterday I slept like a baby at hmm around 11, which is again because of the fact that I wanted to sleep at 9 but that brain of mine couldn't stop thinking @@.


nibaq said...

Ohh.. an Excel Ninja!

Was it really 15 degrees? Brr what time did you wake up?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

HeLLo there Sinbad ;p

Well am so flexible with Excel its actually a peice of cake << sh7a6aa ;p

I showed them the presentation they agreed to implement the way i recomended to do the work since its better :D so i guess with the new manager there is little hope! at least there is work to do & faith in me, So tomorrow i will do an other presentation along with illustrative tables to show the 2 department members who will work on the statistics how to creat their own tables, organize them & even the format has to be explained in details.

hmm I woke up really early although i had little sleep the night b4,, try this to know how early i woke up :}
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