Saturday, 20 November 2004

SleepLESS @@

I woke up Friday at 1 pm, had an ok day... But I can't sleep!! Its 4 am & I have to wake up for work at 6 am! So I can be there before 7:30 am. Also tomorrow after work around 5 pm I am meeting an Indian friend who wants to show me some Indian clothes that she wants to sell & needs my help with it, am not sure yet but I think father is coming along since I don't know where their house is I never went there they usually visit, they are originally friends of dad in a business, if not then am alone there.

I guess I liked the week long vacation so much that I can't accept that tomorrow am going back to work especially that I hate my work because I basically don't work :D add to that that my friend just sms'ed me to ask me to take a medical paper for her because she has a flu along with her 1.5 yr old son I hope they both get well soon. After I replied her she got a little worried that I wont make it to work tomorrow :p since I am a sleep-o-holic.

Saw "spirited away" nice animated movie, I like what I saw of it (missed the 1st 45 minutes) ! Hoping to see the whole thing if they have it on later. I loved how cute the characters are also in the same time the animators created scary monsters & as usual in an anime the blood is realistic & a lot. How brave that little child is :} because sometimes you fear something but you know no one will do it but you, so you do it just throw all your fears behind you & after you finish you can ache & scream as much as you want :} a lot of you(s) haa.

I think am gona try to rest before I take my shower & go to work.. Hope you all have a nice day :}.. & people please ,,

{: S M I L E :}


The Don ® said...

If it makes you feel any better, I went to sleep at 5:30 am, and woke up at 8 am.. >O

nanonano said...

وااااي اكره شئ في الدنيا قل النوم بس أنا أمس من عسارتي رحت نمت الساعه 10 و قمت اليوم هم مستعسره لاني ما ادري شنو بلبس و خاصة ان عندي مقابه مع عميل بس انا احسن منك لاني كسرت حدة العطله الطويله لما داومت الثلاثاء و الاربعاء فاليوم كان يوم دوام عادي عكس اللي معاي بالشغل كلهم يايين مستعسرين زائد زود بالعساره صايمين شالله حادكم الواحد رمضان و يا الله يصومه

mydream said...

hi :P .. ha eshlon el rejeem ? :D

Chocolates said...

If all else fails just think of it this way..

You're making money !

Enjoy it ;)

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Wanasa! You saw "Spirited Away" huh? It's just like a messed up version of "Alice in Wonderland". You actually saw anime? I LOVE YOU!!!!

By the way, they've been showing anime, back to back, on the movie channel for the past week.

Maryam said...

Ohh I love that movie "Spirited Away". If you like this, then you must like "Kiki's Delivery Service". it's also animated movie for the same director ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

The Don,

well i had 1.5 hrs of sleep ,, been out all day long just came home an hour ago, dead sleepy but cant!!,, thinking too much is my case i need to to stop thinking for a while i might get some sleep,, Oo its not so good to lack of sleep :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

nanonano :}

طبعا انا امعابل مع روحي لحد ما صحصحت :> بس على الاقل قعدت و ماطافني الوقت و الغريب بالموضوع اني ماكنت معتفسه كالعاده بالطريج بالعكس مبتسمه و على الرغم من ان الدوام لووعه الا اني مستانسه :] لاني مع هاللويه اللي عندي كنت مرتاحه من نفسي

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Dream :D

it will start next sunday 28th with the health club too :} so i will be jogging & eating healthier less food .. no kakaw :( no junk food.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Chocolates :D I like what u say, kel marra u say alot in yet a short way :} I like that alot

So as for the money part yeah ur right I am :} & not making much efford for it, as the indian friend e7sdetna on that!! at the time that i shocked her that am not happy with that, coz working is about YOU being alive & doing something,, not about the money that will MAKE you live :}

But hey can't deny the charm!!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I swear to GOD i was comming today to add this like

""It's just like a messed up version of "Alice in Wonderland". ""

thats how i saw it :} it reminded me of Alice sooo much & i was about to edit the post & add this line which i didnt ams due to ensomnia

Q80-Chill Girl said...


No i didnt see it bs shwgteni achofa :}, coz i liked spirited away a looooooot :}