Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Is your volume odd? Or even?

Today after work when am driving home I noticed an odd thing in me,, ironically this "odd" thing has to do with "even" numbers!!

Since I was a child I liked even numbers & my favorite is "2", the reason for that is I used to imagine numbers as dots in space so I can add & subtract them, in that space the dots had to be organized since I like that alot & makes it easy to calculate, the even numbers were pretty nice because each dot has its companion & well organized in two lines.
. .
. .

This is the 4 :} in my mental space!

Mean while odd numbers had to have "one dot" alone! I used to feel that this "one dot" as untied, also felt sorry for the poor lonely dot! Because its all alone.
See there is a lonely dot in 3!! As it is with all odd numbers.

So that logic is what I think made the passion for the even numbers grow in me, but wait :} the post isn’t about that only; I mean if I like even numbers then what is the odd thing I noticed while driving? @@ . The odd thing is that I was hearing a song I like & turned up the volume without looking at which number the volume was at but I raised it till it sounded good then "the thing I noticed that I always DO" I looked & saw the volume at

So I turned it higher by 1 so it gets to 20,,, that moment I realized that I NEVER let the volume level go to an odd number! I have to make it an even number, lower the volume or make it higher I always want it to be an even number.

P.S: the screen is dirty due to the wonderful weather we had at noon!


BloBoz said...

Mm Nice subject , a3tged ennah el mawthoa3 nateg men el 3agel , methel ma ahwa ma3roaf enah el mo'7 2 parts , fmathlan el ash'7a9 el 3asmawyyn yesta'7demoan el el gez2 el ayman men el mo'7 bshakel akber men el gez2 el aysar ,

btw: I Used to use 13 V :) ,

nanonano said...

intresting...i'm an odd person actually my favorite # is 3&15 i don't no why but i just noticed that i feel it's much challenging when it comes to maths...

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Wow! Same thing over here. If I get a choice, I always choose even numbers instead of odd ones. It's not because of that dot thing that you do but it's kind of the same concept. I dislike leftovers.

One more thing we have in common to add to the list :P

EXzombie said...


same here but i'm a 5x person....!!!

that means anything would either be fivish or tenish....!!! (5,10,15,20,25,... etc)

i find it also strangely in my eating habits....!!!

did u realize back in the golden ages (of childhood) when ur given candy or fruit flavoured "thingies" (الحلاو الّي فيه ضفدع و فراشة و صدف حلزون) and after examiningthese entities....!!!
u start to divide them in groups.... the butterflys ( #), the froggers (&), the snailer (@), or by the color...

yellow, green, and so on...
then u start to eat the least favourate color or animal and end up with the "main event"....!!!

i found out this urge each time i encounter a multy colored or shaped food "particles"....!!!

خلصت كلامي...

Q80-Chill Girl said...


ahaa @@ i think so too its something i do o ana ma at3meda i just see my self ebsr3a check the vol. m3a ena ykon el mstwa ok :} but i check it then if its odd i have to change it :D. & as for my vol. it depends on what i listen really + my mood :D if i was into loud music or just slow soft :}.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

nano :}

HeLLo dear :} when it comes to math its my second name :D amoot 3la elmath especially adding & subtracting,, when i see like a 6 digit number on a car so i devide the 1st three numbers from the second three ones & try to figure out the number that if u add to one & subtract from the other they become alike :D



so 357 needs 594 to get to 951 (357+594=951)
same for 951 it needs to take off 594 to be 357 (951-594=357)

i always do that too :}

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Ee wallah we have alooooot incomon dear :},, wnasa :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

عبد ربنا

Welcome ur 3oha-ness in our humble chillout q8 blog :}.. eeeeee hatha 7law tooty fruity 3jeeb i used to like red butterflies the most ,, & the green was the worst flavour og mine :D & unlike you i had a BETTER strategy :D,, i start with the less-tastefull flavours for me then i leave THE BEST for LAST :D just like with toast when i was a kid i eat the edges 1st then the soft white center ;p.. shkli bro7 ashteri some tooty fruity today b4 i start the diet :D

nibaq said...

My volume is set at just right. I really dont notice the even/odds.

But for numbers I like numbers that are easily fractioned. To me those are fun numbers cause I can do a lot with them like(1/2 1/3 1/4).

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hey sinbad :}

well nibaq I like that kind of numbers too that u can easilly calculate the fractions with in them,, like multiples of 10,20 actually most of the even numbers but there are some even that are there two like 50,30 & their multiples as well... math is nice as long as i dont go near INTEGRATIONS :D

Kimberly4562 said...

Oh my gosh, please read my blog. I am glad I read this, it made me feel more 'normal,' haha(:


Q80-Chill Girl said...


omg! im not the only one in this world :p