Saturday, 15 January 2005


As a reply to D'n'G 's question about how good is this magazine I recently bought I wrote this post :}.. THOUQ meaning taste in Arabic is a shopping guide that is issued twice a year & includes a lot of useful information about places to shop/eat/relax in Kuwait. Also the latest trends are featured on this magazine/guide. The amount of word-less spaces make it so enjoyable to read what ever they wrote, add to that they actually posted a picture & noted around the same point that I had in mind for THIS thing *Picture hosted by PicLog*, and speacking of which .. why is it out there? I guess to BUY IT from someone & make that someone rich or richer!..

There are very nice small tips I especially liked the ba'2 (B) article :> very interesting & creative, and since am more of small articles liker I did enjoy most of their words scattered around the pages..

Also there is this tiny mystery that the magazine dares us to solve which reminded me of (fu'6ooli) that we used to look for inside (Majid) magazine that revolve around fiding a picture "in THOUQ's case" a dot containing the word "ذوق"
They included their e-mail & other contact info to send your answer to them & you might win a prize :> till now I didn't find that dot since I just scanned it didn't concentrate really,, but I will try to find it. Of course their site contains a lot of useful information about this guide so check it out :} give it a go.

The only thing missing about this & I quote from their site " published bi-annually and delivered FREE to selected group of sophisticated people and places in Kuwait" magazine is history :} all I know is that it gets published every 6 months & that's it :S did it start like 5 years ago ? A year? Just a few months ago I truly have no idea although I have the impression its a fresh new baby.. It might not be such a big deal to you but to me its important to know when did the magazine am reading start & all.

Last point that I thought should be given more time is the site I think with a shopping guide the content should be richer than this BUT am assuming this is the first issue & this is a baby site :} so fill it up with juicy stuff coz it will drag attention soon :> I think its a great magazine with new ideas & a very cool content/perspective of things.. Cheers to THOUQ.


Purgatory said...

ya3ni for an elite group it is free, ba3ad 7ateee hatheee feeha tafreqa :) sophisticated ba3ad, wainhom hatheela :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Yeah :} its claimed to be for the "shay shay" kind of ppl as mosan says it

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

eb kel mokan feeh tafreeqah purg 7ta bel restaurants...!! LOL 7elwah hathy shay shay ppl yazat ley..:D allah y3eenhom 3ala as7ab el THOUQ el-rafee3 then.. le2anah 7ta thooqhom sophisticated :D


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Golden Girl *.*

Well ur right about that & its not totally wrong I mean there are ppl who spend a lot on their pleasure others dont its not wrong by it self as an act or a life style but the wrong thing is to give an impression that ur only for that kind of people others are not allowed I personally thought as an intro. for a mag. that wasnt pretty smart, let aside the wanabees ;p (the shay shay ppl) describing them is truelly a nice invention by mosan :}