Friday, 28 January 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

Hmm sorry its more like 4 blogs of the week. Well Purgatory 72 you finally get your wish granted. Alert to readers this will review 4 blogs so be patient & try to take a deep look into the listed blogs...

1- Beyond Space And Time .. By .. Purgatory 72

This is a basic personal blog where you can see the different sides of Purgatory 72's personality or maybe personalitieS.. Since there is the

Serious Purg
Mysterious Purg
Dark Purg
intelligent Purg
Geometrical Purg
Again Dark Purg
geek-ish Purg
My favorite Purgatory the cook
Also Again Dark Purg!
Purgatory 72's official FLAG
Purgatory the encyclopedia
Musical Purg
Oh yeah you can checkout his hand too ;p

Last but not least his blog buddy :}

2- Q8iat .. By .. Shosho

Which is a mixed blog I guess, there is:
*political news
*Film making
*Danah Al-Nasrallah
*Blogs weather they are a phenomenon or a thing to last among Q80es
* This to me is the most interesting post not only because of the content but for the open mind that went & read this :} she is a good reader I must say + What I like about her too is she puts it simple & likes a good well educated reader to get into the mood.
* Liaries!!

Then there was the P4 thing! That joined them since both Shosho & purgatory spoke about it vaguely so Gigi gave us her view of the whole P4 issue !

1st post by Gigi containing the picture of P4
Then Chapter one started with G.A.P , that came to life @!@ also by Gigi
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 - 8 - 9 & 10
Chapter 11

Now needless to say QQQ is truly a fun blog I loved her creativity & sense of humor & its not fair to only list it in this post but to dedicate a "blog of the week" post for QQQ

So any how back to Shosho & purgatory here (click on the names) they both declare they will move on to a joint blog .. Called @!@

3- OurThoughtsBehindSpaceAndTime (if ur interested refer to Purg's Geometrical post & u will know why) .. By Purgatory 72 & Shosho & P4

that in about two days ago became Penguins N' Purple .. P4 was finally officially introduced in P'n'P There is a large variety of posts to talk about there but I will leave that for you to explore HOWEVER I can not skip the penguins part ... Because

they exist here, there , & also here ,, then over here then there @!@ again over here (this is my fav & most cute one ever posted there) .... Well you can get the point by these posts & MORE there on penguins why did they call it (Penguins in Purple instead of Our thoughts beyond space & time!

The new addition there while you browse the blog you can listen to Classic Rock Live :} which is now IMPROVED & optional :>

So cheers to

Purgatory 72

and also for

Cici & Gigi

For great entertaining blogs :}
WHEW that was one long post @@ & a lot of links ;p but fun to write too.


Purgatory said...

I thought you were taking a break.

hmm, wanasa, I finally got it :) but still waiting for my BOTY.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Yes I did take a pause & am finished & back posting :}

6ma3 @@ enzein 5lk bhal BOTW b3dein ey9eer 5eir

shosho said...

What I liked most about this "blog of the week" post is that it emphasized the interactive potential of blogging and how blogs can become highly engaged with each other to the extent of merging, or, as in the case of Gigi, revealing an amazingly creative talent.

Purgatory said...

Q8CG, u know me, 6ama3 :)

UzF said...

this post has been one of the most extensive (blog of the week) series. excellent job q8cg, very informative!

**not 1 in 1, not 2 in 1, not even 3 in 1, but 4 in 1!!**
--the shampoo lol

Q80-Chill Girl said...

shosho :}

what u said about the blog of the week post really made me happy, thank you :} & i hope i can keep it up

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg ;p

i know u r :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thank yoooooooooooou :} u certainlly made me smile from the heart & glad u liked it :D ,, & no shampoo got till 4 in 1 ;p max is 2 in 1 soooo yaaaay i won :) no shampoo can stop me now