Monday, 10 January 2005

A few blah blah's

Women, they as any thing in this world change & vary (You don't say @!@) any way the point is coming. While being in a place crowded with women this evening I saw a lot of examples, there was the cute, quiet, loud, grumpy.. Etc. Oddly what I saw in their eyes was tiredness as if this place is like a hideaway or a place for that woman to have some peace & time for her self. Which brought up the idea of how happy we really are with our lives? Is it worth that sadness I saw in a few eyes today? .... The place is a ladies salon.

Writing thoughts (to post about) down is the next step for me, since not once or twice but I would say more like a ZILLION times I have good thoughts but when am home & right in front of the PC I totally forget them! The reason why I don't write posting thoughts down is the fear of blog addiction.


Purgatory said...

Q8CG, yeah that question you can ask many women and the answer will mostly be the same.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

What do u think the answer would be?

most importaintly why should their answers be "probably" the same? ,, after all they are different & live different lives!

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

Hmmm... interesting, probably the same answer!! Who knows they might be a group of friends or relatives, but I go with you QCG, they live different lives right, but ask a woman about her weight@@!! ?? Once I've been to a gathering, a group of my sisters old friends, I haven't seen them from ages ago, when I was having that ODD conversation with a girl, she is neither a friend nor a relative but while I was talking' to her she was staring at me... ba3dain out of a sudden she popped a question...
Her: Ana sema3t enech the3aftay 3an gabul men flanah!! How did you manage to do that by your own?!
Me: eradah, mashy, healthy food bas.. << batelaiqaf oO bas2al-ha..:D
Me: CHUM WAZNECH<<<--- hehehehe it's like that I was pouring cold water on her nape LOL..!!
Her: Ana wazny chithi 61 k.g :)<< *smirk*
Me: How come shaklech amtan..<< ay shay mo msadgat-ha..
Her: EE mo khobrech malabes el eshtaa etmaten...
Me:yeah right...
See that's how it goes purg it might be the same.. but somehow different.. honestly I hate hal gatherings, el3roos, el3azaa... 'Cause after hal loyah kelaha ya wa7dah 9aketech 3ain.. or tetkalam 3alaich 7ta law you are totally perfect..!!
I know gargah<< I write this word whenever I feel my self blabbering a lot... :D

Merci pour votre attention<< tethakerat ayam high school..:D
Los sueٌnos dulces QCG y purg dulces

(F) baby roses

The Truth said...

Thank god men don't have these conversations.

Purgatory said...

hmm I think you said am sweet or something golden gurl, yoozi men sowalfech ;)

That is why I do not go to weddings, funerals, gatherings, etc etc., I do not know most of the people and I do not like to fake smiles and conversations.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Hiiii dear :} u can bable as long as u want kefch consider this ur blog e5thi ra7tch, & nothing makes me happy than a nice sweet guest like you :>

about the girls thing I agree with you it comes from diffrent reasons, waht makes them unhappy can vary in many ways BUT what i wish for every 1 to stop & think about is ,, is it worth it? :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


el7mdellah 3la elslamah dear :} ,, & believe me its a blessing that u dont ;p

nanonano said...

سبقتيني أمس أنا كانت عندي نفس الملاحظه
أنا كله أحاول اني أتجنب اني أروح حق الصالونات النسائيه ما أحب بس أمس كان لازم أروح كمية الوجوه النسائيه المختلفه و كنت راح أكتب بلوغ بهالموضوع بس راح أخلي الساحه حقك

Q80-Chill Girl said...


عادي كتبي عن نفس الموضوع .. لان المشاهد اللي تنشاف بالصالونات مالها حدود و انا تكلمت عن الحزن بشكل عام ماتطرقت للتفاصيل :> عندج مجال اكبر للهذره بهالموضوع بالإضافة الى ان زوار بلوقج غير و راح يكون فيه اراء مختلفه