Sunday, 2 January 2005


Achievement what a nice word :} through Merriam Webster :

Pronunciation: &-'chEv-m&nt

Function: noun
1 : the act of
2 : a: a result gained by effort b : a great or heroic deed
3 : the quality and quantity of a student's work

To be able to achieve something in your life is the goal of most of us, but when the achievement becomes an obsession then it leads to being STUPID. What I mean of achievement being an obsession is doing something & pretty much ANY thing just to say I achieved something! Regardless if it was good or bad, properly planned or a pure act of chance!

I hate it when people go for trying to achieve something totally stupid & useless, especially if they try to make up an achievement from no where. For example if you saw a movie & knew that the next clip would be a very sad scene where some one around you know will cry! So you tell them bring a tissue along *wink wink*, while at the same time that person already knows he/she will cry so they brought some Kleenex along! As they always do :}. So you claim in front of other people that you're the hero that warned those people that they will need tissue.

In my work place we spent around two months wanting to correct something, that we "the workers" later knew that if the papers we kept sending for two months were not given then the corrections would have been done BY DEFAULT. So the key here is that some people wanted to feel important so they made up this EXTRA paper work to feel like they did something :}
"we gave the workers work, and proved we have something to do"

So this post is totally dedicated to the wasted time we spent & the stupidity not of the so called "achievers" but the poor people who actually believe in them & that those "achievers" actually did do something useful & not just a thing that will happen BY DEFAULT.

Cheers to the stupidity achieved somewhere in my beloved Kuwait :}


Purgatory said...

hmm, I think I know why you are writing this post :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

:} well it makes me glad that there are ppl who get me.. thank you :}

& wb home dear