Sunday, 2 May 2010

122 : May

I think May started well, as if its making up for all the fuss April made :p it was a crazy month, with terrible weather especially on weekends! Today in the afternoon was THE BEST in this year, felt as if it was in mid October.

I love Kuwait. I can never get enough of the scene above :]


Deema said...

i don't know why, and although many would disagree, but i don't see kuwait in this scene..

Q80-ChillGirl said...


I shockingly agree :p I don't see Kuwait in this scene either, I just like it :]

This spot is a lovely mix of the sea side and modern Kuwait, the big buildings in the heart of Kuwait City vs the sea side :] when ever I go there I recall how my aunt used to describe the place without a paved street and how the sea was closer than it is now! Her memories of "Alamericani" hospital,,,, O recall that and see how the city lights reflecting on the sea :]

I love it because it brings me closer to her, since she doesn't live in Kuwait, the scene is also sentimental to me. I love it and love Kuwait :D