Monday, 17 May 2010

شنب - Mustache

The latest film by Miqdad Al-Kout, Mustache

Went to the screening in Cinemagic Saturday the 15th, luckily the weather was ok! They added some padding to the seats :D people who attend Cinemagic's screenings will appreciate the comfy seating as much as I did :>

The movie!

It runs for 15 minute or so, a very light short movie the film is inspired by the short story "Winged Sofa" by Thuraya Al-Baqsami, as mentioned in the group made by the director.

It revolves around the Mustache! And what it symbolizes in our community, how many count it as a main indicator for manhood. The main character does not have a mustache, and thrives to have one by doing what everyone thinks a man should do to be a "man". He carries out in creating a life, marrying, having kids, to get chocked with the fact that with all he did, his wife does not love him!

The thought of Male VS Man was VERY obvious and given great priority. Being a male is a biological thing, the definition of man gets attached by default to any "human" male, nevertheless, the meaning of a man is more vast and flexible in different cultures. Focusing on our culture, many consider a productive male who can have a wife, family, house is a man! Not giving much attention to the fact that in the end, he is just a human being :) Qualifying to everything that people think a man does, is not exactly a gate pass to everything, at least not the Bu Shanab's happiness! Or nice smell.

A simple sarcastic comedy by Miqdad Al-Kout, who again succeeds in attracting me with his crazy on and off sudden cuts in scenes! Where he moves you from one shot to the other all of a sudden, yet keeps you in the content, gets you so busy thinking "what does this scene mean?!" and then have a laugh or smile, to the extent you make sense out of the mess he's creating, making you lose focus on "when did the actor come out of the room and got into this corridor?" and focusing on the idea he's sending!

I enjoyed Mustache, and wish to see more from the young Kuwaiti directors. Well done Miqdad :]


EXzombie said...

you didn't say anything about my mustache?!

Pisces Chick said...

Awesome =D

Q80-ChillGirl said...

LOL! ahhh the good old ego :p the office scene cracked me :p really kesar kha6ri bushanab!

Pisces Chick
very, you should see it when you can :D