Thursday, 6 May 2010

126 : Bayt Abdullah Pin

Had a quick stop to get a baby gift from the avenues, Mothercare. Those charity pins each worth 2KD go for the funding of Bayt Abdullah, take some people :) even if you take one, 2KD is a simple amount to contribute in such a wonderful humanitarian noble project...

When searching online I found that Ansam & Marzouq had written posts about it, appears to be part of a new campaign :] Best of luck KAACH people, a big thank you to Mr. Hilal Al-Sayer and his wife Mrs. Margret Al-Sayer.


Marzouq said...

Thanks! Honestly I think that Bayt Abdulla is a fantastic endeavor!

I'm going to try passing by there and seeing what they do, hoping to see someone who wants to talk about their situation! Inshalla!

Q80-ChillGirl said...


uw :> got a few of their pins for work badge & on my usual every day bag