Sunday, 16 May 2010

136 : Football fans

I recently noticed that the football crowd is growing vastly in Kuwait, from the people around me and the show called "Balanti" that I enjoy listening to, I like how they talk although I dont understand most of what are they talking about. Kuwaitis are mostly following up with English & Spanish leagues, in other words European football in general.

Saw my two nephews today wearing Chelsea t-shirts and with the number 8 in the back when I asked why they both shouted LAMPARD @@ you do not know Lampard! they made me feel like a criminal for not knowing who Lampard is! At that minute I realized how they're attached to soccer :> I guess now I know a lot who like Chelsea, this post goes out to them all :} Personally I liked their logo, this is as far as I go with football :p


جبريت said...

قولي عني قديم بس انا لما الحين اشجع نادي كاظمه ومباراته مع برشلونه من فتره انا الوحيد الي قعدت اناقز بالقهوه عشان قول كاظمه وبيني وبينج انا زين حافظ اسامي لاعبين النادي هالمره احفظ لواعيب خلق الله

Anonymous said...

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Q80-ChillGirl said...

لوووووول انا بطلت كرة قدم من زمان ،، خبري بالمتابعة ايام جاسم يعقوب و العنبري بعدين فجيت لي قبل فتره تابعت مباراة للمنتخب بس عموما انا مو ربع مع الكره، و عموما متابعة الرياضة على التلفزيون ما تشدني، بس بيتنا متروس مجانين كره و هذيلا عيالهم و نتاج جنونهم لول

:p yet an other Chelsea fan in my life/blog