Thursday, 13 May 2010

133 : Dusty weekend

Last weekend the weather was pretty nice, made me almost forget about the messy April weekends we had. Yet today our lovely weather decided to repeat the scenario and deprive us from enjoying it fully. Tomorrow is a new day :) dusty or not, I love Kuwait and will still enjoy my weekend, in or outdoors ... Have a good weekend people :]


eshda3wa said...

i wanted to go to failicha tomorrow

but the dust ruined everything

Anonymous said...

مع الاسف الغبار يبعث على الكأبة.

عطلة سعيدة


Q80-ChillGirl said...

Ruined my plans but I did go out lol, bas goweii :p

صحيح، بس تعودنا عليه :> جونا و لازم انتعايش معاه

قاتلة سميره بالسم said...

الغبار هذا من غبار اول هذا يسبب
اول ماصاب الجنود الامريكان ايام الغزو
السلكا تسبب SCHLERODERMA
واحنا بالكويت الهوا عندنا ملوث
لبسوا كمام N99