Tuesday, 4 May 2010

124 : Me like, Me no like

For quite a long while I did not like Juicy Couture! AT ALL, however a few months back I gave it a shot and now own a few items from this brand. I thought that the whole theme was not like me, not knowing that when taking a deep look inside their stores I would find things I like.

Away from fashion, taking everything into consideration and looking beyond your expectations is always healthy :] It also goes for people, at times I would hold my self up from knowing people thinking that I would not like them, due to things I have seen from them and made me decide so, to later know for a fact that we do not have to like the whole package :D

Human beings are the most complex beings on earth "I think". So with in a single human being you can see several characters, actions, way of thinking,, etc. In humanitarian relations you do not have to like everything other people have, you can always look for the best in them and focus on it, benefit from it. Seeing the positive side of a person is healthy :}

When was it you gave a shot to a thing you "thought" you would not like?


Purgatory said...

you bought one of their velvet pajamas!?

Deema said...

well, i think things that i don't like usually come to me, they happen like destiny..

I usually accept everything then slip away.. and stay with remains


Q80-ChillGirl said...

huh? what are those? but either way nope i have nothing from their clothing line in general. Didn't know you follow women fashion :D

Then ur destiny is doing u a favor :D best thing in life is to try, good & bad, both gains us experience :>