Saturday, 8 May 2010

Pecha Kucha Night # 5 - Kuwait

Last Thursday Pecha Kucha Night # 5 - Kuwait City, was held in the Museum of Modern Art. This is my favorite of all I attended, for various reasons, the first and foremost is for the people I got to meet and talk to, familiar faces from far, lovely atmosphere all in all, the crowd was very live and active this time. Also the presentations and presenters were interesting and very passionate about what they present. Here are bits and pieces of what I've seen there

Hussa Al-Humaidhi was the first presenter, with Sout Al-Kuwait which started as a small idea then grew up to be a social group trying to spread the awareness towards the constitution, Democracy, local laws and the Kuwaiti people's rights to participate in making Kuwait a better country through those tools.

Then Zeyad Boarki presented his passion for photography, that grew with time, the special thing about his presentation is that he illustrated the story of many, any observer would notice that photography is growing among Kuwaitis and Flickr is one way to see the that the Kuwaiti photography community is growing in a very pleasant way and we do have MANY talented in that field. This picture attracted me especially because it shows how other culture/ comunities are more tolerant to having their pictures taken :}

Amani Al Thuwaini & Farah Al Haider, were amazing :} they are two simple girls with a passion for ART! They try to spread the awareness about art and their wish to grow art in Kuwait, one of their hopes is to have an institute to teach art in Kuwait. Art is one of the many abandoned interests in Kuwait and has little attention from people. They also gave their e-mail address for people who are interested in helping and supporting them in anyway to approach them, and it is

Lewis Chapman, An Englishman, his family moved to Kuwait in 1996 and he has been living between Kuwait and UK since then. His art work influenced by many scenes in Kuwait, his drawings are very real in an amazing way, especially when it comes to shades,  the interesting part however was that he repeatedly drew people walking away :] a thing not many focus on and frankly I thought it was charming! It gave a whole new perspective to the scene he was drawing. His website above will show you hoe creative this man is :}

Dari Al Huwail spoke about the Kuwait Diving team, that is under appreciated in my opinion, those guys are VOLUNTARILY doing our beloved country environmental favors, they are really sea angels! From helping sea animals, coral reefs to cleaning & picking up junk from the bottom of our sear and more,,,, they did it all, with out any financial benefit! They deserve all the support we can give them, through their website you can connect with them and know how can you help :]

Sama Al-Wasmi presented her lovely blog High Street q8. Sort of the Kuwaiti version of the Sartorialist that I once posted about and in the comments I discussed with Forza at the time the possibility of having a Kuwaiti version of The Sartorialist, Sama made it a reality :] With a few rules of keeping the personalities anonymous and taking faceless pictures, she shows the real everyday life fashion, caught with her eye and lens an interesting new addition to the Kuwaiti community/ blogging community to be more exact.

Yvonne Wakefield, a teacher in Kuwait University who portrayed her self as a pomegranate! When she first spoke I did not think that I would like what she will say! Then when I LISTENED and saw her art I realized how deep is the symbolism of the pomegranate, through the phases of her presence in Kuwait and the problem she faced with her visa, that prevented her from going back to her homeland "USA" when she wanted to. Along her portraits and words, I realized yet again how powerful is painting, how through brush strokes and a canvas she could emphasize a life, feelings and hopes. Her art work is currently exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art.

Lulwa & Balsam Al-Ayoub are two Kuwaiti girls who play fencing and presented Kuwait in many international sport events. This picture shows their mother Fatima Al-Omani representing Kuwait back in 1967 and her daughters following her footsteps to raise the name of Kuwait worldwide. The two girls did not stop at this they also continued to participate to encourage children in the Kuwaiti community to participate in sports.

Ahmed Al-Gharabally the CEO of spoke about his project. Masahati is a new Kuwaiti online real estate selling website, that aims to ease the process of looking for a real estate in at the comfort of your home. The presentation was very nice, it started from how the internet market is growing and how it evolved, then after a gathering with friends back in 2008 he decided to make his online real estate website, to cover a gap in the Kuwaiti market. I think its a good project that will benefit more people and will grow in the future.

Last presentation was done by Talal Obeid, an independent self-taught graphic designer. To begin with I am very biased to this talented man, not only because he was one of the first bloggers I knew back when I started blogging in 2004 but because he impressed me with his work! his illustrations like the picture above merge the Arabic culture with famous internationally known figures like Darth vader or Om Kalthoum, he puts his illustrations & graphics on posters/ logos/ T-shirts,, etc. Nevertheless, all that amazing work is SELF developed :) that is where he WOW'es me, I respect that in him, to be a young self dependent and taught artist that created such* amazing work.

Away from the presentations and amazing live music, I had a lovely evening, I met old friends, made new ones, smiled from far and seen lovely smiles, seen a lot of nice people and really loved the whole friendly and enthusiastic crowd :] PechaKucha night #5 in Kuwait City is a HUGE success, really interesting presentations and presenters, lovely crowd. A big thank you goes to Dr. Aseel Al-Ragam who introduced this even to Kuwait.

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Thank you Talal :p typo fixed :D


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chillgirl :* for one of your as always most excellent recaps and reviews of the night. I've gone to 3 of the Pechukuchas, but sadly missed this one.

P.S. I am Sama and Talal's everlasting fan!

Talal said...

Thanks for the amazing post, chillgirl.

You wrote "...that created suck amazing work." while I myself feel that some of my work sucks quite much sometimes, I do think you meant 'such' there. :)

Oh, and I LOVE Ms. Baker.

Q80-ChillGirl said...

uw :* lovely to read ur words and get that old friendly feeling of somewhat anonymous rabe3 :D

Next time will keep an eye :> might see you! :p

uw dear :D

and am sooooo soooo sorry LOL, was a lousy typo :/ ur right its such and done, corrected :> thank you :D

The Stallion said...

No pic of "Homage to Boobage"? The last pic of the night!:oP

Q80-ChillGirl said...


Of all whats been shown in that amazing event, thats what you recall LOL!!!!! and no I didn't take a picture I was busy being shocked & laughing.. you made me recall "Ryan Reynolds" in the proposal in the scene where "Sandra" was oppening up to him for the first time!