Tuesday, 1 June 2010

152 : Smart water, really?

This is one of the pictures I tweeted today, got a little crazy about twitpic lol. So my question was, is there stupid water? I know, lame! BUT what I know that is not lame is their MODELS, Smart water by Glasceau choose them smartly!

Tom Brady

Jennifer Aniston


Anonymous said...

absolutely good choices.

SheWaShi said...

LOOOOL .. i think its just a brand name to attract stupid people :P.. and if your going to use those role models people will really think it's true and they will buy it .. but at the end water is good for health but it wont make us smarter :P

Q80-ChillGirl said...

YES :D both made me want to try the water for their sake lol

It is a weird brand name lol, really made me think, what kind of a product owner would call his product "smart"! usually it goes in the slogan or advertising but not in the product name lol