Tuesday, 15 June 2010

166 : 50+ degrees summer!

June is not even the beggining of the summer, it used to get hot by the end of it and early July it gets really hot, the humidity in August to get back to heat in September, then we cool off a little in October. This year is scarily HOT! It was around 3.30pm and the thermometer indicated that its 53.5 in the car!!! And in mid day people say it reached 55 degrees Celsius!!!! I really fear for the workers who have to work out doors now, I think they should be banned to work and if they have to, they should work in limited timings & in smaller shifts with extreme health preserving conditions. Also drivers please check on your tires, radiators & your car fully, I see a LOT of cars with tires torn on the road & its is very dangerous at high speeds

Be careful people, this summer will not be an easy one!


Anonymous said...

الله يعيننا .


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