Saturday, 19 June 2010

170 : Car hunt

Although I love my car very much, but for several reasons I need to get a new one. I'm still in the thinking phase I didn't make up my mind on the whole issue BUT going to see cars is always a joy. Checking out the latest technology, knowing the price range, latest designs in the Kuwaiti market,, etc.

One car I did not have in mind but a friend told me to check it out, the VW Scirocco. I looked it up online and liked it & thought it was ok, but when I went to the dealer ... turned the engine on, I had a HUGE grin!

The car has a 2.0 TSI Engine which is a very good one, although its a 4-Cylinder engine but it will WOW you, with a tiny and light car as the Scirocco it would really REALLY be VERY enjoyable to drive the Turbo is a lovely plus :>

The design is cute and amazingly slick! I hate hatchbacks but this one made me change my view of hatchbacks! VolksWagen ,,, WELL DONE!

If you are interested check the VW Scirocco's blog


Hatch3r said...

If your into small cars then the VW Scirocco is really nice, that 2.0 TDi engine does have a punch to it,plus its rare. Check out the new GTI and the Tiguan, maybe you will like them.

Marzouq said...

The Scirroco KICKS ASS! My friend has one and its a fun and fantastic car, and its fast! Amazing interior and good sound system! Can't go wrong with it!

Q80-ChillGirl said...

Golf is not my cup of tea madri leish :p Tiguan is ugly, BUT what I came a cross & didn't think I will consider is the Infinity G, not the class I was looking for but I'm impressed with it

Only thing is that I imagine it as a second car, it is WAY cool but I have to really think it well before going for it, only thing making me really angry with it is the halogen lights! What is that all about?!