Friday, 11 June 2010

162 : Lino's Cafe

How can you offer a sweetener / sugar with Italian text in KUWAIT :D an Arabic country that uses ENGLISH as a second language

After desperate trials trying to figure out the text on the red sachet I went for the black one, because it says "sugar" plain & simple lol, I thought the other bag could be brown sugar since I like it more than white sugar, but I thought: go for what you know! Since I hate and very much fear artificial sweeteners!


LadyStyle said...

I know some kuwaiti they speak fluent italian ;)

These sugar and sweetener were produced in Italy with all the controls for quality, in this case italian text mean only that it is "Made in Italy" and it means italian quality.

Q80-ChillGirl said...

You should hook me up with those Kuwaitis :p

I was referring on whats on the white bag "avvertenze" something something :D I figured that it could be an artificial sweetener, hence the fiber, carb count!! so I went for the black one where it says "sugar" lol