Sunday, 27 June 2010


Came across this software, WHAT IS THAT! I thought logos/ product pictures should be eye catching not nauseating!

يا اللي مسويين هالبرنامج! شعار كيكا ما قبلناه! ولا شافت الكيكة ولا درت عنها هالصورة


Anonymous said...

It's a bug, known in the States (Mid-West region) as a "rolly poley". It uncurls and walks around, then curls up into a ball (the picture) when it needs to defend itself. You can roll them around, even flick them at each other, and they don't come unfurled or seem to be harmed, then they just unroll and walk's a very clever, and seemingly very durable way to shield itself. They're very popular to play with as children out in the rural areas. --soupprincess

Q80-ChillGirl said...

Soup Princess

WOW! great info, and am very sorry for the late reply :p am revising what posts i didnt check out comments on .. Thank you again for explaining