Sunday, 13 July 2008

My car, Bazaar!

When I tried the side break, it worked fine! as if my car way playing with me? Last Thursday as I came home late a bit around 5pm when I tried to park my car for some reason I got the side break warning light and it didnt work! tried going to the car dealer the same day but I was late they close 4.30pm! so I had to wait till Saturday. I got up early called them up, the guy I’m used to is on leave! but I practically know most of them if not all, so here I am all dressed and ready to find that the side brake is working fine! lol?!

*why didn’t they tell me when they changed my car’s parking location, they did that thursday! meaning that it was working fine Thursday!*

I don’t know who was it that changed my car's parking but I sure do hate them for not telling me about the side break being fine! so I decided to test it, went a few places near Shweikh area so if the light is on again I’m close to the dealer. NOTHING went wrong lol?! I was disappointed in a good way and started to think, does my car hate me?

So I went to an old time favorite *before all the coffee shops are there and it became crowded over night!* The Shweikh Free Trade Zone, went to the devil’s coffee :p picked up Bazaar magazine and currently reading it, as appose to what I do to it, shuffle around for pictures *I’m a visual person*, read bits an pieces and decide to go back to it later to REALLY read it, and mostly I never do. I have that habit with some magazines and books and they just pile up in my room :) for no reasonable reason! Today I decided to read it of course I can be picky with what I read :D it is my taste :P and as I read I wrote don the following notes:

Cool cover, I love water, I love flip-flops! recently bought 2 pairs :D

Rants and Raves

Seriously: made me smile, she’s right!

Mall-o-Xise: Im a bit neutral in that area, yes its a new healthy habit to power walk, but I’m not sure its ok to do that in a place people shop! I agree on the idea of wanting people to go simple in malls *I hate the Kuwaiti over rated shopping dressing code, and let the over elevating hair/ Hijab we see all the time!* but when you are doing an activity you tend to sweat and get tired, that is not very appropriate in a mall, I’m with sports, I love walking but not into combining it with a shopping area :D a mall is an escape from the hot climate we have but not for every thing :>

All Chained up: Talk people! Do not only write about your problems go talk to the management at the same time, do what you can to the MAX, when all fails then you can write about your experience, here in that tiny rant I blame that family for not parking right beside the chain and one of them should go down see the Avenues management/ supervisors and file a complain! I think that we as customers in Kuwait allow the business holders to not take us seriously, I say go for it and talk to claim your right of having that parking space :) either way it was an interesting story

Thuraya Al-Baqsami

A Kuwaiti woman that I am very proud of, I love her work, it is simple yet expressive, a link to an art gallery that she and her husband own:

upclose & personal

That is a lovely smile Ziad :D I love your smile it made me happy by looking at it, 3 of them actually. The interview was light and it expanded my dictionary:-
-Ditto: as before. has more on it

Bubbles Nail Spa

Read about it before from Nat, more over on that they have a website, I think I will go there one day.


Its never too late to work on your passion! I admire that she started after 40 :}

Truth or Dare

Scheherazade, illustrating the ever lasting west fantasy about the east :) cute and short interview.

Kitty Ritz


سومير؟ ولا سمر؟

Infinity AD!!

No picture :p

liked it, loved the phrase! and the AD is elegant :)
I still hate their analog clock! I think it doesn’t fit with all that technology in the dashboard.

Barcelona comes to Kuwait

A highly inspiring interview that added two books for me to look up and if they are as interesting as he says :) will read them
1- The Angel’s Game
2- The Shadow Of The Wind
both by Spanish novelist Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Flight of The Conchords

LOL!!! Check them out on youtube, more info in the great wikipedia.

Two in one!

A new Kuwaiti talent, although I did not like the little bump under the red ribbon in the picture, but Dhari Al-Fouzan had a few good points to raise about how photography is not taken care of well in Kuwait. Opposite to his article MARBLE SLAB ad, will go there soon :D

Team Kuwait wins company of the year

Very proud and happy to read this article, which states that Kuwait won the first place in the INJAZ student company competition. One thing that I wondered about as I read the article, how popular was this in the making and preparation process? is it well covered by the media and well publicized for?

Midnight VS. burger hub

I think the midnight time line is created by the fact that night is the best time for people to sleep, and we sleep to wake up the NEXT day, so when you cross that barrier of time you have ruined your sleeping time and entered a new day :D that is what I think about the hype over the midnight thing.

BUT as for THE BURGER HUB, I think its THE BEST burger place in Kuwait! I think Ahmad Al-Bader the owner did a GREAT job, I heard that he cooks and that is why I think he knows about taste very well, The Burger hub’s food is made with passion to good taste and a it was/ is a wonderful way make me HATE junk food lol, who would want to eat a burgers that tastes like rubber when you have real meat and taste? Nevertheless I like the BigMac sauce! But when I want a real BURGER I head to the burger hub :D

Amira Behbahani

The article made me hate my self even more for not going there, I don’t know I forgot about it! But since it was postponed, took it off from my notes and didn’t reschedule!

Malibu, Cali
... Why now?

Why did they publish this when I really can’t travel? hmm come to think of it generally I’m not into traveling in the summer and I have a looooot to do here this summer, but for some reason I’m craving the escape!

Lament for a facebook friend

LOL, loved it! and yes!! why do we add people we don’t know and do not interact with? moreover why facebook? do we really lack personal social interaction that much? is facebook a new way to step out of our social boundaries?


Loved this simple shot and the page idea too, if any one is interested to be a part of it, e-mail them :)

to be continued!

- the post was originally written Saturday! noonish, lets see if I will complete Bazzar and this post too :p -


3baid said...


Jacqui said...

It's Summer as in the season Summer. And it's a great thing she's doing, and at first I thought it was a new magazine or something that you were putting up pictures of, but then realized it was just Bazaar magazine.

Cool, and hope you guys are enjoying the weather in Kuwait *end sarcasm* :P

Purgatory said...

Seems you have had lots of time to kill ;p

Traveleer said...

I wonder if I can power walk in my dishdasha, head gear AND my white sneakers?

I used to see many people doing it in our mall back in the states but they usually walk BEFORE the stores opened

..::Amu::.. said...

I am a visual person too but its been a while since I last sat in any cafe...

BrandsQ8 said...

I adore that magazine, funky Bazaar :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

yep, although black ones sometimes freak me but this one was cute!


LOL, no they said Summer Al-Awadhi, thats why I was like "HUH?!!"

the weather is lovely today
except for the dust
except for the heat
except for the fact that my clothes flew
except that the little dust particles hitting my car is ruining the polish

we are a ok :D nothing like summer in kuwait *end acting* :p

bring me a clowd when ur back!


lol, a lot of time and a brain full of thoughts that needed to be cleared :>


lol, no i say go for some flashy sneakers! red? orange, that would be more summer'ie


an empty mall is fine but the avenues?


I frequent cafe's its the best place I can sit with my best friend and talk, but we hate crowded ones


I have this love/ hate relation with Bazaar, i like it, content is light but too full of ads, which is i guess how they cover up their cost ;p since its free

but i like what they introduce! this issue so far i think "the early bird" is the best new spot in it for me to try...

Marzouq said...

Thats pretty cool that you went through it and gave your opinions, I read that one as well. It does take a lot of effort to comment on it all! I think thats the longest post you have ever made!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


lol, good observation, it is one of the longest posts i wrote but there are others filled with text :p but its been a while since i gave that much effort into something for the blog, however the second part of this will have short comments written by me around the articles :D to save time and effort ;p