Sunday, 6 July 2008

Expo ZARA GOZA 2008 ?!!

As I was taking a break from what ever I was doing, looking up information about Kuwait and found out that Kuwait will be a part of an international Expo. we are in the calendar Participating in the:

Expo Zaragoza 2008 "Water and Sustainable Development"

:/ I will be very interested to know what Kuwait will introduce in that area?

Oh and they have a nice cool figure for it called "Fluvi":}

that reminds me of Sid!


Traveleer said...

Girl! we have alot to offer in that area! we have Tarsheedترشيد ! *trying to keep a straight face while typing*

there is good work in the area of diversfying our potable water resources in Kuwait, but it remains as theoritical research and hidden reports in officials' drawers.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


lol tarsheed is the exact thing i thought of!

i do believe we have made a great achievement by producing electricity along with turning the sea water into drinkable water! and that's why water and electricity are relatively cheap in Kuwait, along with the oil factor, BUT will there be elaboration on that? will there be development in that area?

also what about the researches in the drawers as u said?


i fear it will be a show off only, no soul nor thought is in it

Traveleer said...

well, the production of electricity and water in Kuwait is not cheap, it is just heavily subsidised by the government (we pay only 20% of actual cost).

There is a sea water desalination process called Reverse Osmosis(RO). It has been exprimented on and we have a small pilot plant in Kuwait. but the cowards at the Ministry of Electricity and Water do not have the guts to build a real one on a large scale (UAE and Saudi did).
yawn yawn yawn.
your blog is supposed to be light and easy to digest. so enough of that.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


lol focus on sid and Fluvi, you will fidn the post light ;p

i agree enough with the heavy تحلطم dose