Friday, 4 July 2008

Friday noonish morning

Its becoming a habit of mine to wake up 10-11 ish [I try to sleep more but my biological clock keeps waking me up early!]. The ritual is that I get up, shower and then make me a sandwich, nothing special this week, I didn't cook something nor stay for a long while in the kitchen, I made it what I found in front of me, I didn't want to shuffle more inside the fridge or around the kitchen, I made this one with:

Halloumi cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes
with toast :)

The combination is nice, the cucumber made the saltiness in the cheese and tomatoes fade away a little, I wanted to add some lettuce or rocket but there was none in the fridge, I think it would be nice with some green leaves and sliced olives, any how the sun dried tomatoes from Sultan Center are less salty than the ones from Oil & Vinegar [I wonder why Kuwait is not listed! in their website?] Im not sure what's the brand name is I memorize shapes & colors more efficiently than names :D

p.s: I hate that plate!


david santos said...

I loved this post and this good food.
Have a nice weekend

Q80-Chill Girl said...


glad you did :D
thank you and wish you a nice weekend too :>

Purgatory said...

فلافل و بطاط
فلافل و بطاط
فلافل و بطاط
فلافل و بطاط
فلافل و بطاط

bo_sale7 said...

اكله خفيفة وحلوة حق يوم عطلة

انا نفسج اناااااااام وبعدين انطلق في ارض الله الواسعة
تحياتي :)

q8philic said...

the sun dried tomatoes looks like dates (بس بدون فصم )
actually i have a disgusting story about sun dried tomatoes which i will tell u later
note : stay away from sultan center's dried tomatoes :)

Anonymous said...

bil3afya :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...


do u need a dose of FB that much?


انا هالجمعه ما انطلقت تميت خامره بالبيت و اكتفيت بجمعة الاهل

و حي الله بوصالح


lol, inshallah when ur back ill hear about el6uma6... as for ur recommendation I stopped today at the last minute! 3ad I like TSC tomatoes more :/

don't tell me its the ingredients thing? I know sometimes they don't translate wine or stuff like that :p


الله يعافيك و يخليك و بيت مكه يوديك