Sunday, 27 July 2008


And here I am still awake after I ruined my sleeping schedule for today with over sleeping and taking naps in unreasonable times! hoping that by tomorrow all will be back to normal, the idea of sleeping until my alarm time "5.30" is tempting but I know me better! 3 hours is my nap and 8 is a good night sleep.

As I was clearing up things in my room that my mother hates due to the amount of stacked books and messy ordering, according to mother books are arranged according to size, my concept for arranging them is to sort by subject then size. I discovered that I am a book collector more than a reader! the amount of books to be read is scary! compared to the ones I already did read, let aside the magazines and my look book that has a lot of pages I tore from various magazines in order to preserve ideas/ designs I liked for the bad days where my creativity is blank.

Why did I have to nap 3-7pm?

I think I should not think about sleeping, I wonder if the early bird is a good idea. This is the first summer that I wish that I was traveling, For some reason I don't enjoy summer traveling I like Kuwait in the summer of course with the aid of ACs :> the best thing about Kuwait in the summer: Less traffic :)

I'm being too serious lately, I'm not the tranquility seeker I was, I still like it, look for it and enjoy it but not as much as I used to.

Next week is a big challenge at work, well technically its this week! anyhow, this is it either I make it or just go and be like every one else.


Traveleer said...

I guess some of my napping habits rubbed off on you! the worst thing you can do when you are not falling asleep at your usual time is to force yourself to sleep, it is like torture.

good luck with your chellenge at work

The Talker said...

بصراحة .. احب هالنومات الفجأة اللي تطلع بدون سبب
عاد شفت ان احسن طريقة لتعديل نظام النوم ، اختار يوم مزحوم سواء بناس حواليك ولا اعمال شخصية "تكون خارج البيت" .. واظل قاعد واتجاوز فترة النوم المعتادة

Anonymous said...

Sweet dreams ;P

Reading Amsterdam in Hong Kong said...

Had I known previously you were such a big fan of Christopher Nolan's, I 'd have sent you a DVD-Rip of
" Insomnia"- guaranteed to induce people just out of bed to go back to bed.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


true, when i tried to force my self to sleep it was hard, ended up staying up all night,,,, thx for the nice wishes

The talker

انا مشكلتي مع ساعتي البيولوجيه انها على توقيت جرنتش و انت على توقيت الكويت و بمزاج كويتي! فا اذا عصيتها بيعذبني مخي و يبدا مسلسل انتقام الساعه البيولوجيه مني لاني زعلتها


thank you :D will keep the wish for tonight, since i had no dreams yesterday :p

Ever changing nickname

I'm not really, but insomnia was on my "to be seen" list but ur words did not tempt me to see it :D