Saturday, 5 July 2008

A post a day keeps the boredom away

A post a day keeps the boredom away is how I started the following ...

Do I really want to be a full time blogger?

That would mean that I would have to spend more time online where I am trying to spend more off of it, since I want to work on something personal, although I love blogging and it is the only thing other than drawing and reading that I kept on doing for more than 3 years! by the end of this month I will complete four years in the blog-o-sphere.

Organizing my time is one thing I need to do and trying to stick work to the eight hours I spend in the office, but in the other eight left hours before I spend the last eight in sleep, will I be able to pull this off?

- Read the piled up books
- Blog/ write daily
- Work on my project
- Redecorate my room

Braking the ice berg into small chinks should do well in my situation. But I need to work hard, and I shall

pout Za Ointeement ebvry nite haa!

as the Dr told me! I don't know what is it with east Europeans with the "haa" and "Eyes=yes"


Anonymous said...

You can stick to weekly blogging instead of daily :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


thats a nice ides :D

i had those thoughts because im thinking of an offer to write regularly and properly filling the place i have in 192, im so lazy in that :/

Traveleer said...

a smile a day keep the wrinkles away :). our blog is serene, calm and makes me smile. Where was I the past 4 years? reading!

reading amsterdam in hong kong said...

Simply love those white tulips - they are white tulips, aren't they?!
Do you have lots of public parks and gardens in Kuwait with white tulips in them ?

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Im guessing you were ravelling ;p ?
thank you for the compliment it made me smile :D its very sweet of you thank you :D

Ever changing nickname

You tell me :D

shuffling around ur blog I had the impression u lived in Kuwait for a while, don't know if you still do, but I guess you know how many tulips do we have in our public parks ;p and ur trying to make me miss them even more

picture courtacy of google search :D nothing near Kuwait soil, as for the tulips dose that I crave for >> the florist is my sanctuary!

Traveleer said...

I was not travelling. I was out of touch with the outside world for a week. The consequences of doing research.
and you most welcome. I should thank you for providing us such nice posts

Q80-Chill Girl said...


i was referring to the 4 years :p

a word of encouragement is always welcome :D and much appreciated

good luck with ur work :>