Wednesday, 1 December 2010

335 : Meet محمد قيصر علي

So the best option was to take a car from the hotel to take me from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, and meet in the picture above, Mohammed Qaysar Ali. Who was extremely nice and friendly, HOWEVER when the trip started I noticed a little few things about is driving:

A- Slowing down is not defined in his dictionary! Instead he uses the safe lane :} then decides to slow down & back to the normal left lane.

B- The pavement does not exist when he wants to get to a place, regardless of the fine car he is driving! Audi you really made a good car that handles a lot!

C- Apparently, he has a problem with the brakes, no logic in using them whatsoever all of a sudden it goes in a wavy pattern, although he knows there is traffic in front of him, but for somehow made me feel like he's slowing down the pace of a living creature not a car.

D- He was amazingly polite & even got me a bottle of water when he went to fill the car with gas :>

This trip has been a different ball game for me, and a lot of positive things are coming out of it.

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