Saturday, 4 December 2010

Social House - The Dubai Mall

Saw this restaurant as we were walking in The Dubai Mall, the name was appealing so we said lets take a look at the menu! What mostly caught our attention that its so diverse, Asian, European, North American, in other words international by what the word holds of meanings :>

So we decided to give it a go, the atmosphere is very nice and very different from other restaurants around

The slogan was a bit nice and somewhat funny :p

Wooden interior was amazing, loved those boxes with prints on them

This is a close up, loved the nostalgic graphics and the creative idea of staking boxes on the side :}

Our first course was the "Dragon Roll" which was a winner, I wasn't so fond of the sardine but it added a nice flavor

Then the DELICIOUS Mozzarella en caroza came, which is fried mozzarella  covered with bread and a delicious chunky tomato sauce to accompany it. An amazing representation of mozzarella away from the usual breaded sticks or chunks, was light although I was fearing the frilled issue, but it wasnt fatty at all

Then my sister's main course arrived, she took the Mediterranean marinated Angus rib eye, PERFECT medium well, pink & tender inside, mash side was creamy & salty exactly how it should be :) and a simple rocca and balsamic salad was on the side, nice compliment for the dish

I took the "Entercote al gorgonzola" which is a rib eye steak pan fried with gorgonzola cheese sauce, I am not a potato person but these above were perfectly tender with a hint of the frying with meat taste, perfectly done and was very delicious :}

The whole atmosphere, music, workers was calming, the only thing stopped us from merging into it is the really crowded entrance near by! Yet we decided to enjoy a cup of tea before we left

And this is the check, only 316 Derhams!  which is like 20 something KD, VERY resonable, value of money was excellent

Location? check out the map :}

Annnnd their website, telephone and else shown above. Now the shocking piece of information is that the restaurant is originally INDONESIAN :} well done! Great food, lovely atmosphere, very enjoyable, highly recommended when ever you drop by Dubai Mall


Nassim Nasr said...

Today we were asked to leave the Social House if we didn’t agree to move to a different table, so we chose to leave and all the manager could do was say he is sorry.
Let me tell you how it started, we asked the waitress if we could sit on a specific table which she said yes to. After sitting we ordered drinks while going through the menu. Another waiter came up and said that we had to move to a different location because this part of the restaurant was shut down, when we asked why, he said because they were fumigating it. I was shocked to hear that they were fumigating a restaurant in the middle of the day while there were lots of people walking around and sitting only meters away from the area we were in. of course I didn’t believe him and I said that he was insulting our intelligence and if they insisted on us moving we would leave. So the waiter left to get the manager, who then asked us to move tables and if we didn’t want to he would be happy for us to leave which we did.
I have to say that this has never happened to me before in my life. The manager of the Social House must be one of the worst restaurant managers ever to allow something like this to happen. Especially when they are teaching their staff to tell customers that they are fumigating in the middle of the day while to place is open for work. Shouldn’t the Dubai Health Authority be informed incase this is really happening?
Anyway, I will never step back in this restaurant ever again and would suggest to anyone else thinking of going not to.
Please spread the word and let people understand that they can’t get away with doing whatever they want without having to pay the consequence.

Q80-ChillGirl said...


wow a hell of an experience! :> well from ur comment to their attention, hope someone in the management looks into it, but I have to say our experience was very nice :} sorry u had to go through this