Tuesday, 28 December 2010

362 : P2BK

A lot have been said around the Proud to Be Kuwaiti event held every year, which I plan to write about in the next year "I enjoy saying this when its a few days away!" although a lot might not approve nor see it as a promising event and to be honest I kinda went along in the beginning, YET now I have another view and I think it is a very positive event, till that post comes out to light I will stick to the Chocolateness subject!

Chocolate is an amazing substance greatly loved by a lot of people, in Kuwait the fond of chocolate is growing as we see a lot of cafe's and pastries had chocolatized up! Chocolateness is a local small business for a young Kuwaiti guy that depends on home delivery of his "molten cakes" simple and creative. They are yummy but to me of not so addictive taste, none the less I am proud of the young guy behind it

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