Sunday, 26 December 2010

Quotes from sod calm and get angry

This will be a light post, pictures of the quotes I liked form "Sod Calm and Get Angry". I love quotes because they are short, straight to the point, gives u a chunk of someone's experience :}

Work perfectly with the latest happenings in Kuwait

مهم جدا لمدمني العمل

مجدد ،، السياسيون يكتسحون

Listen more than you speak & speak only of what you know

I actually lived to see that as a fact :p

This one made me laugh, mean but funny

Yet a "great deal" of it is not a fixed measure :p

but it made me laugh :p

I believe so!

To finance people :} cheers!


Never over do it! So you wouldn't get to this potion

ما اشوف ان الالم بشكله المطلق يعبر، بقدر ان الانسان ما يواجه حياة سهلة، الالم و التحدي جزء جميل منها، لانه يعلمنا

Applies to my budget for a loooong while :p till I managed to fit it well to my ability vs NEEDS then wants :>
Makes you think, how well are we developing

This one flipped my brains! Had to re-read it slowly to get it, bottom line, happiness is subjective, to our and their view :}

My kind of guy :> always prepared

Else, the world would have came to an end.. still the end could be better than the beginning or middle, hence the loop is non ending ,, get it?

Identify the Pauls out there :}

VERY true!

I call it the Horse eye syndrome, where the side view is hidden so that it can only see ahead

And the day I did it, was the best by far, since then, I fight :}


الاحتجاج من ارقى حقوق الناس

و الساكت عن الحق، شيطان اخرس

Oddly in Kuwait, we did become like it!

Courage and faith are grand :]

I never doubted that and will ever have faith in a better future as long as there are GOOD THOUGHTFUL KUWAITI citizens out there :}
My selection has ended :>

Although the book is small but the content is very big and amusing :} Got it from Virgin Kuwait. Last but not least, a special thanks to Touché for the boost fwd to do this post :>