Saturday, 18 December 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

The return of the weekly "abandoned for 2 weeks" post :}.. This week is a comeback with a GREAT Emirati blog, its a girl's blog & an extremely creative person I must say!

Its BANOOTA{dot}net By banoota

Bytes is the blog :} you can see the amazing girls life ,, & I said amazing because her work with graphics & photoshop also photography are things that really made me keep on visiting the site for several days to just read & see EVERY thing in it ,, STILL I didn't finish it :} its a very big site since it started in 2000 as she states here (18.12.2004 post) the changes that this site & her went through across the time of four years.

If you are interested about the person behind this gigantic site then try to seek for the TRUTH right from her hands :}.. Art & gfx is an other section in this rich in content site, it contains 3 sections:

Now I wont spoil the fun on you guys :} & tell you about what will you find in each section stated above from the Art & gfx page; I will leave that to your curiosity,, the thing that I would like to note here is the VERY impressive way the pictures taken of her work are displayed,, in the Art & gfx page you when even you click a section like Fine art for instance! You will see a page all in black & with touches of PINK (her passion) in the middle are dancing pink squares :} click on one of them & a JavaScript window appears with the enni weeni tiny dancing thumbnail.

Moving down with the links that are on the left in the Bytes page there is the Projects section that I must say was very creative & allows personal interests to be mixed with the persons that we truly are not the identities we carry in this life! This is a very crucial issue to me since am interested in persons as people not as who they are in real life which highlights the privacy issue that banoota keeps well as I hope to do so as well as she did. One thing more before I leave the projects page .. PSS would have LOVED this page :}.

Goodies is not found unfortunately :( ,, but the item right under it "PHOTOES" has a big chunk of interest of banoota, she has a flickr account browse it, its fun there :} oO I know nibaq would like this one ;p.

Photos continue to be recorded here , that are also BEAUTIFULLY displayed and Greately categorized ;p into:

  • Pencam Shots
  • Spy Shots
  • for the lazy

Pink book is banoota's guest book you will find it there. Last but not least is the wishbox.. One more thing to add that will illustrate ALL what's above & MORE is a VIDEO from ZenTV a program called dardachat, the guy who spoke about the site gave it a very nice review that is better than mine since he has a better background about the site & banoota's work too.. See it I truly advice you to do so its very helpful to know a lot about this amazing site, the video is available for High-speed connection and also low one (dial-up).

In the end I would like to send a big cheer to banoota for a great site/work/sense of elegance and pink,, keep it up I really wish you the best & I hope a lot of women will invest their mind & soul in their work like you did.. You are truly inspiring.


nanonano said...

U r right it's a grear site i'm very impressed

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Ee wallah impressive, i really think with all i have said here I didnt give her all the credit she desrves nor covered all the site 100%

nibaq said...

With Flickr and Hello Kitty how can you go wrong?

Jelly Belly said...

loved her blog very creative

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I can't can i ;p ,, thought u would like the hello kitty chain, I know I loved it it is soo cute & check this one

when the chain is in action.. etyanen

Q80-Chill Girl said...


glad you do as much as I did, this girl deserves attention & appreciation