Sunday, 12 December 2004


Click on the Title of this post & check out the game :}, UK is what I chose since its the closest among the countries listed to Kuwait ;p ... I never played it but saved half of the cute-lly drawed characters (its a 3.4 MB .zip file) along with cute sound files that can be used to change the alarm/notification sounds in programs like MSN Messenger.

Also you can see the trailer here ,, it is also a ".zip" file !! Don't worry I scanned both & they are clean. The thing I hated about this site is that the banner is big!! ... But then again it could be designed to be views on a bigger screen.


The Truth said...


The game is slow to load and takes forever to play...characters are cool though!!

I am sorry dear...but me no likey!!!

I thought you were into Fast Monkey Slapping...hehhehe


Q80-Chill Girl said...


Misguided :} please read what i wrote again, dear i never played it its dead boring definatelly not my type am more of mental chalenge kind of girl then i used to play combat games back when sega was something :D.. but definatelly in love with tetrix & a game on PS called "ROLL AWAY" the ball rolling in puzzlez :D LOVE IT ,,,,

I TOTALY understand why u hated banja :D coz i feel the same,, but i was there for the characters :D shkelhum soooo cute.. the "liky" word drew a BIG smile on my face :D astans on the "me not do that, or me do this" kind of talk,, u know stone age stuff :P

Maryam said...

SoooMa must know about this

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Does she like this kind of games?