Saturday, 25 December 2004


* I never meant to hurt her feelings but I didn't know that she was there, then again if I express my true feelings towards what happened differently in front of her I would be a hypocrite!. Although I felt guilty for hurting her (un-deliberately) but I after that though of it as a good vent.

* If I were to choose between being a hypocrite or telling the truth (that will hurt others) I will go for being honest.

* I nor any person alive can make all people happy, there must be some persons that you by mistake or with all your will, made them hate you for something you did or the person you are.

* Some times you never realize what you are missing until you see others smile for having that thing you miss.

* In my trial to improve my English & write in it as a practice I found out that I miss Arabic, although its the language all over me @ work & home!


Purgatory said...


UzF said...

the first quote is irritatingly familiar!?
why didn't you reveal the sources, (or is it your pure pearls of wisdom!!)
this is very strange

The Don ® said...

Life goes on !!

Q80-Chill Girl said...



Q80-Chill Girl said...


These are not quotes they are as titled (thoughts) written by me yesterday as dated & timed above, if they were quotes I would have written so :} since there is nothing more horrible to do than lose your integrity which is the only thing we really have when we write!,, so I guess this means that its strange as you said ...

The question here is why is it strange? & who other than me said any of the stated above & have been claimed as a famous quote for that person?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

The Don,

YEP :) you got it on the dot..

UzF said...

first of all forget about the first part of my question, your thoughts are valuable.. some of them work very well as proverbs.

your question is exactly what makes me feel lost, i mean if i knew the answer i wouldnt be feeling so annoyed... and btw it's only about the 1st one.

maybe it's just deja vu! a/way, if you've ever seen maroon 5's "she will be loved" video you'll see it's some how about the 1st thought.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

hmm am a bit confused here! .. ok from the start :} am flatered with your opinion about what I wrote, The weird thing about your feeling is when i read the 1st thought over & over it felt like hmmm well a thought it didnt confuse me as much as it did to u BUT its possible that some one went through the same situation & wrote about it oO u read it then from here comes the resemblance!

an other Hmmmmmmm :} I did c the video,, after ma g3adt sa3a atethkr the scene o swalf then I got your point :} & I too think it does make sence since he in the end confronted the young girl with his love for the older woman,, painful but its the truth ,,,, in that sence i can relate the two things.

UzF said...

i guess this is the only logical reason ;P

hey do u wanna kno something gross? in the video, the two women are supposed to be mother and daughter. :s

Q80-Chill Girl said...

LOL i know bs et3arf elly mo mtqbla hal shai :D i mean u junp from the girl to her mother !! ,, bs i cant blame him to me the mother is much a7la than the daughter ;p