Monday, 20 December 2004

Work .. Again!!

Busy @ work ,, tired mentally/physically since I give it too much in the time that most people around me don't give a damn... more details tomorrow, hopfully I will be more relaxed & in a better mood :}


Purgatory said...

Inshallah :)

nanonano said...

it's the same all over
أنا شخصيا حدي معصبه من الشغل كله عندهم ان احنا الحريم ما نعرف نشتغل و لا ما نقدر نتحمل وفي النهايه احنا اللي شايلين الشغل كله

The Don ® said...

Q80-C Gurly, and Nanoa el 7elwa, I wish we had some of you over here.. the ones working here do absolutely nothing but complain all year long and never lift a finger unfortunately.. and when it’s the time for bonus, you see them here at 6:30 am playing busy.. we really need some good working pretty gals around.. no pretty girls 3ashan yifti7oon ennufs 3usob7 ehnee.. :(

Jelly Belly said...

allah yekon eb 3onich 7abebety...inshallah you'll have a better day tomorrow.

you too nanonano.

Don: are you guys hiring? hahahhaha.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


thanx dear :} I took today & tomorrow off from work I need to set my plans up & turn the table on who is trying to fool around.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


7bebty as if you know. I swear to GOD the most active guy there is good with a good brain but when it comes to excuting the ideas & implementing them am there full time with the other women correcting the errors of the ideas since when u implement a theory there are always problems,,, let that aside other women are fightting me since i bring a whole new way for work. To tell you the truth where I work you only see women working & men just treated as if they were some super beings!! & not hold a single bit of responsibility & i hate that, except for the new guy 7ram he wallah works hard with us I just hope he doesnt gets drifted in the wave of "6eg el kart o rd betkm to sleep".

Q80-Chill Girl said...

The Don,

GOD i know the type umbeih & when the manager is in the department act soo busy & keep on running from an office to an other @@ POTHETIC. I hate to see young people waste their brains on discovering how can we skip work or do nothing & win all, I say while your young invest your self to the max. to acoomplish something in your life & not just be an other SOMEBODY in this world.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thanx for the nice words dear :} I am better, I took the day off ;p & tomorrow also, hoping that this weekend will get me going again & flip up things to show them who is working & who is not :}.