Saturday, 4 December 2004

CD Review ,,, So Fresh summer

Its a little outdated :D but I like it,, its among the fav 3 CDs that are being played now in the car,, 3 among 7 that is

The CD cover

With the following inside :

((Click for the actual size))

so here are the songs & their ratings in my opinion:

1-Maroon5: harder to breath
I love this band, although my fav. Song of their album is "SHIVER" but I do like this song too so I will give it 7/10

2-Britney Spears: Toxic
I DO NOT LIKE her :} but this song is ,,, hmmm roughly ok so its a 4.5/10 .. although the rate is bad but I do here it sometimes!!

3-Outkast: Hey Ya
I love this song :D so fun especially when : shake it shake it shake it ,, shake it like a Polaroid picture... Oddly when I hear the Polaroid part I remember nibaq @@.. Because of this post he wrote ages ago I cant find it sorry :} but he says that he is taking some Polaroid pictures,, nice song 8/10

4-R-Kelly: Step in the name of love ... I skip it :D

5-Dido: Life for rent .. Sometimes hear it ,, not bad 6/10

6-Gareth Gates: Sunshine ... Skip it

7-Alicia Keys: You don't know my name ,, lover her but I skip this one too :D

8-Outlandish: Gritty (radio edit) ,, love them although this song has a lot of swearing that am not into but its a nice song 6/10

9-Pink: Last to know ... LOVE THIS ONE its my fav. Actually from P!nk :} but I don't know why it has to be accompanied by acceleration in the car to feel the anger in the song,,, 9/10

10-Will young: Your game .. Skip it

11-Justin Timberlake: (oh no) What you got,,, good one by JT 7/10

12-Phatts & Small: Sun comes out ... SKIP IT

13-Kay, D. & Epsilon feat. Stamina MC: Barcelona ... LOOOOOOOOVE it BIG TIME its my fav. In this mix album of course 10/10 3jeeba

14-Clay Alken: Invisible ... I can help it I laugh when ever he says I wish I could be a fly on ur wall,, a FLY !! What happened to butterflies ,, but any how that doesnt deny that he is trying to be romantic! ,, 2/10 ! o yeah I skip this one too ;p

15-JC Chasez: Some Girls .. Like it :} 9/10

16-Westlife: Obvious ... west who!! hmm skip it

17-Ruben Studdard: Sorry 2004 ... SKIP it

so here we end up with 9 out of 17 tracks ,,, good not so bad... Any how you can listen to the whole album before you buy it @ virgin... However to me (13) is the most fav. one :D.


geo said...

DJ Marky ft. Stamina MC - LK .. u might like it .. though it's a bit faster than barcelona

geo said...

oh and i would skip the first minute and a half :)

Alexis said...

Cool collection of songs, here's what I think:

1-harder to breath: Don't like the guy's voice at all
3-Hey Ya: Great before it got over-played/exposed whatever
4-R. Kelly: Lovely
5-Dido: Nah..
6-Sunshine: OK song
7-You don't know my name: GRRREEEAAATTT one strange how u don't like it, my fav part when she says "So what day did u say?" chiiillls
8-Outlandish: not my type
9-Last To Know: great song
10-Will Young: nah
11-Justin: Cool song, good for a drive in the desert?
12 to 16: Never heard 'em
17-Sorry 2004: I dunno...tis7an

I REALLY Want to listen to track 13 though...Curious

nibaq said...

Its all about polaroids!

This digital stuff is just a fad. At the end of the day you want something that is orignal and individual that only 1 exists of.

Sky Walker said...

Now I'm sure I'm getting old. I Know maybe 3/17.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Geo, HeLLo there :}

will look for it for sure :D might pass virgin if not today then tomorrow & i will give u feed back,, thanx dear..

Q80-Chill Girl said...


well u made me curious about 7 too :D will hear it ,, OOo go for 13 its nice :D hear it & tell me what u think?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

nibaq, Ahlein

i think ur right about the original idea thing,, a polaroid is more personal since its a hard copy of the moument captured,, which is why picture printers are hip :D,, saves time + u keep up the digital quality,, but for me am the old fashioned go to the photoshop place & take ur pic's,, other than the every second ones via the mobile cam they are off the list :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Sky Walker, HeLLo

join the club :D ,, why do u think i bought a mix album :D am outdated when it comes to hip new songs out there,, since i dont watch MTV as much nor listen to music while am on the net,, its usually in the car,, so my audio memory is out dated :D do my trick buy thoes mix albums & take a glempse of whats around u

Sky Walker said...

Shortich W hiddayat Allah. I let you know if it made me feel youger.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

SW :}

hope it works out :D,, 5alna enshoof my shoora is good or bad :D