Tuesday, 16 August 2005


I need time to organize my day :} Monday (yesterday) was soooooooooo messy to the extent that I forgot a lot of things & had to go back & forth from & to the place am going to to get all my things all together!

Need to relax a bit more


Corazon Dividido said...

Yes, you must relax because a stressed and overworked mind just gives up the fight to stay focused! I write a list for the day of all the activities that I have planned or that I need to accomplish so that I don't forget them. Because when I am rushed I forget EVERYTHING, even my name! :0) Also you can set your schedule around your list and just make adjustments to the list as the day goes on. Or I have some ppl have a Palm Pilot that has a calendar and an alarm to remind you of the set Appointment. Good luck and have a "Chill" weekend.

The Don ® said...

I try, and I try.. but can't seem to relax.. so I know what you mean..

BLaSha said...

jus try to think of what u need n what u want b4 u do it

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Corazon Dividido :}

hello dear,

I am planing for a big relaxing evening tomorrow night :} had a very long week full of action :> importaint meeting tomorrow morning hmm its more like a monthly friends reuinion which will be FuUuN :>

Writing down tasks is nice, I never did it well :D even if I write something i never go back to it,,, writing whats on my mind is good in one side it makes me remember the tasks literarly :} but never got back to a list & revirewd it :> I love flexibility

Although it has been busy but I think its the despirate measures that push my creativity to the limit :> which is kinda good .. Still relaxing is a must DO this weekend ,, I need it :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

The DoooOOoN :}

YES, i try but still its hard am too tense to even think about relaxing :> B-U-T @!@ this means its a challenge :D & am up for it, this weekend will tell if I can or can not beat my stress :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...


HeLlllLo there :}

The things that I need to do are not so hard nor complex BUT spread all around Kuwait & has to be done over the weekend & today is skipped since I lack of sleep & been hibernating :} (nmt o brd anaam) tomorrow is full & the day after to the extent that I think I will miss how my room looks like ;p ,, bs tomorrow night am planing to relax me self :>

thanx for the advice dear