Sunday, 14 August 2005

Al-Fanar ,, COLOR

Yesterday went to Al-Fanar, the theme attracted me a few days ago when I was there but didn't have much time to take pictures :} This time I took some..

First you should notice the flags out side which I could not get a clear shot of ;p maybe next time... Then the windows :} check the stickers on them! Bright colors all around cut in various shapes.

Then here you go @!@

You will see these painted thingies :} spread all around, notice them :} I liked them a looooooot

In the AD boxes which are spread around Al-Fanar instead of watches or what ever piece from a certain shop is displayed there! ,, With the color theme around you see art work by various artists, I only got to see 3 which are the ones I displayed DUE to me being in a hurry ;p as usual + it was a bit crowded! Don't like shopping in crowds. This lovely painting (I think its oil on canvas) is done by "Ja'afar Mohammad .. 2002" its right next to Deluwayooo hmmm or what ever its spelled like :D its the coffee shop that's hanging up there :D .. This was my favorite among the 3 shown in this post then comes the ladies one then the last one with a lovely color intersection. What made this one special to me is other than the colors, various shapes in it & how the shapes with different colors are merged into a single painting :)

Also "oil on canvas" I assume again ;p .. What I liked about this one other than the COLORS :D is that it had women in it in a lovely abstract combination also in various ages & shapes, still I felt it had the spirit of the Arabic women, deliberately didn't take the whole view; wanting you all to go check'em out hmmmm shouldn't I take something for this free AD from Al-Fanar's management? ;p .. The painting is done by "Ali Abdul Jalil .. 2003"

Back to the display window! near Deluwayooo hmm an other spelling ;p OMG I can't remember how its spelled! Although its so easy @!@ ... ANY how back to the painting which is also "oil on canvas" I think ;p .. Done by "Ali .. 2001" .. Color intersection is also a majjjjjjor attraction to my eyes :} liked this one too.

Its worth a visit :} I know I will definitely go there & check all the rest things out, of course in a non peak time :D Personally I think the people who are responsible of this are brilliant!

IF NOT FOR ONE THING they still have the Gees hung in the top, WHY is that?

Its a whole new theme why leave left overs from the last one???? That is the thing that made me get a bit annoyed & feel like its not totally PERFECT ... Am hoping they are still working on the theme & not fully done! Because I expected when I look up am gona see CoLoRS :} instead I was disappointed to see left overs of the old theme! If this keeps up I might talk to them its such a waste of a lovely theme!

*Note*: oLo

wrote it this way coz it seemed like its a face :} ,, cute!


BLaSha said...

Al Fanar?? why u still go there for??

Q80-Chill Girl said...

LOL :}

hmmm lets start from the top :>

karen miler
La senza

middle :}

Clairs (love their stuff ;p)
River island
Gucci "curently un avilable"
Polo RL

Dwn {:

Steps (rarelly coz they r n9abein)
Tuscana or tuskana
Laura Ashley
Body Shop

++ LOVE their cinema :D I dont know why but i like going to it although Salmiya Plaza's one is empty most of the time with a great theature "to me" but Al-Fanar complex is different to me :) for some reason I like it, other than the fact that i do shop there o ako ashya2 sn3a ++ I have been going there from the time it began when there was only Mango, milano & body shop :D I think i was 17 or so? around 1997-1998 since then at least one a month I have to visite it :D

q8Sultana said...

You love Claire's?
Well, I used to work for Claire's a couple of years ago. Not in the shop but the office :o)
It was really fun work, but not 48 hours a week.
If you ever saw those keychains with the Arabic girlnames, the first series had a lot to do with me. I'm very proud of that :o)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


hey there :}

well I think the Arabic names key chains is great :D unfortunatelly they didnt tempt me to buy them as much as the other cute thingies there ;p BUT sisters got them :>

mainlly Clair's = fun ,, to me :D

Corazon Dividido said...


Man we agree on so much about Al-Fanar! From the Geese that are still hanging up, it throughs off the whole theme of the color art work. I thought they should take them down and hang color streamers or just something with bright colors hanging down with maybe wooden blocks or bright ribbon with wood mix.

Also the cinema there is the best I feel because the type of people who go there to watch a movie are truly there to watch a movie, not laugh and goof off. Also it's clean,organized and the staff are very helpful.

I also LOVE claires, I think about 40% to 50% of my jewelry comes from there, because they have different styles of jewelry for every outfit and occasion. Claires use to only have things for the younger crowd but it now has lots of trendy accessories to compliment any age group.

But one thing I must disagree with you on is the oil painting of the women. To me it was sad in a way because you don't see any faces on the Arabic women, as if they are seen and not heard. I feel like the artist is trying to say that it represented the different ages and and shapes of the Arabic women but not their individualism, their faces that show their true character. Arabic women have very expressive lovely faces, but on this painting there is none. Maybe I am wrong, but this is how I feel.

But over all Fanar and the new color theme is fantastic and modern, and yes all the shops you listed are perfect. Also ppl should stand in front of the glass shop by the ATM machine and look up at the glass ceiling as the light streams in, it's breath taking!!

3baid said...

With all these posts about color, I'm beginning to wonder what your room is like. @_@

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Corazon Dividido

WOW! its nice to see that we have so much in common :D so I will skip the things we agree apone & jump to the womens painting

I know its not totally happy but i kinda related it to old Kuwait's women, regardless of the face features they were colorfull HOWEVER on the not showing faces point I do agree with you I can relate it to a certain message the artist is trying to get through! maybee :}

as for the ceiling observation @!@ it was in the sxact same spot i usually look up from :} then notice the ceiling from other angels LOL!!!

It nice to know other ppl shared the gees comment with me ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...

3baid :}

Hello there dear :D .. Well to tell u the truth am still in a moving phase :> am setting up my room still ,, when its ready I tend to make it vibrant YET relaxing :} .. alhtough I like colors but when it comes to furnature I stick to simplicity especially in bed rooms :> I go crazy with all the other rooms @ home ;p