Friday, 5 August 2005

A wish came true :}

Since my passion for cooking grew I hoped that one day I could go get my dish ingredients fresh from the market. My grandmother (Allah Yer7umha may her soul RIP) used to live that way, she used to shop every day for lunch :}. Fresh meat & veggies were the most important buy the rest is stored at home. Put aside that she was a great cook & a perfect house wife her cooking tasted like no other, fresh ingredients make the difference, especially that she bought local stuff, nothing stored or frozen!

So today morning my dream came true! Went with my brother to the fish market being totally clue less coz that was dad's mission ;p we never did it before... After we got into the fish market brother forgot to draw some cash & I had not much with me too! We both needed any ATM machine, so we ask around & there is none @@ I mean come one people this is the FISH & VEGGIES market ,,, no ATM??

Anyhow had to go to Sultan Center in Soug Sharg "right across the street" as if we were in hmmmm Alaska :D ? .. Reached Sultan Center dehydrated :D although to say the truth it was not that hot! But further than the distance we walked would have been torture :>

Back to the fishieeeees :D we took "Zbaidi" coz its easy to cook & I participated ONCE in cooking it, Shrimps .. Then veggies. A guy over there took the Shrimp to clean them, we took our stuff & back home. Being a shrimp cleaning expert I immediately after they washed them I dipped some into a sauce I pre-made to grill some of it,,, "LAAA" screamed "Dayya" actually we call her mama Daya coz she has been over here for looooooong ,, she told me that still he did not clean that black like a mini spinal cord thing in the shripms back .. Am like HUH @@ .. Then I discovered that shripms are brought the night before to clean them THEN the next day they would be cooked OR they should be at home by 8 am! .. It was around 11 am & we invited a cousin to join us for lunch since he too is home alone his wife & kids are not here.

Nevertheless its the desperate measures that make it more exciting :D So we finished a lot of work quickly ,, cooked the food & wean I got to the part where I want to make some deep fried shrimps (we got 5 kilos :D so we had a lot to do). Spiced up the shrimps LIGHTLY then eggs then flour to discover that we don't have a lot of bread crumbs LOL! How can I not check that?? So we had to reduce the amount of shrimps to be fried & just do it with two kinds of grilled & some fried , the rest of shripms will be cooked tomorrow :>

The main course Rice & stuffed Zbaidi "with: dill - onion - crushed loumi - bqdounes" was perfect :} the rest was ok but not as good.. But any way they "brother & cousin" ate a lot which indicated that my cooking was good provided that I warned them in advance that am not responsible for what's next :}

Status: they are still a ok :>


Purgatory said...

you eat fish!!!

Ms.Baker said...

Next time try this marinade for your shrimp:

Whiz in the food processor some green and red chillis, fresh coriander (kizbara) garlic, and the peel of green limes after you have juiced them and kept the juice aside. Mix with the juice, some olive oil and black pepper. Pour over the shrimp, let sit for 1/2 hour, then grill. Its soooo good.

Oh, and that black "spinal cord" thing in the shrimps is actually its intestine. It is better to remove it for the "zuffar" factor.

3alaykum bil3aafeya!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :]

Yes am a pinguin in disguise ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...


thank you sooooooooooooo much :D:D allah ya36eech el3afiah :D nice stuff :} will try the marinade next time :>

EXzombie said...

chigirlia.... i need more details... ther is still few inchs of my stomach that hadn't been eat'n up, i devoured my nails while reading ur post حظكم و الله

Q80-Chill Girl said...

3bd RbeNa :}

hmmm are you home alone too? & you miss home made food ?

no more details :D for the sake of ur stomach & nails :> 7raaam lay9er fehum shai @!@

Corazon Dividido said...

Yum yum Yummy! I wish you could come over and cook all those lovely dishes for me, ohh not to be to demanding, but can you also make dessert too! :0) I love shrimp, especially with coriander, I think theres a Kuwaiti dish called Moubrian or something like this right?! WELL all I know is that its tasty, especially with the hot red chili pepper's, I think it's spelt Maybouch?!

CG don't worry about having the prep and cooking time down pat, its so hard to balance all this while cooking fresh. I think that all the ppl who had lunch that day were just in awe of the taste and feshness, because I can tell you that I am drooling over my computer as we speak! Sometimes for me the only thing I hate about cooking is that your so tired afterwards, that you can't truly enjoy your own cooking. Next time just save me a place and I will even bring dessert, maybe a Mango cake, or no no a Chocolate Rasberry torte, orrr no how about a Strawberry Shortcake oohhh let me leave you now before I eat my monitor!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Corazon Dividido

oooH an expert in the Kuwait cuisine @!@

Murbian is "Rebyan=Shripm" with rice & "Mash" I dont know the word in english but its something like lintil!? .. Oh & the chilli ur referring to is called "Ma'abouch"

Any how am glad u liked my cooking ;p LOL ,, but truelly I didnt think the post would be that tasty! :} especially that in this one no pictures were included :} but am glad to see the nice feedback

Ok next time I make the main course & you bring the "Chocolate Rasberry torte" :} don't take it back :D:D