Thursday, 4 August 2005

Me the cook

Today woke up early, although its the weekend & I promised me that I will sleep, but I guess I got used to waking up early. So I decided to practice my long loved passion :: coking:: unfortunately due to my busy schedule I could not cook much.

today's dish was an easy quick one I wasn't in the mood for something complex, hotdogs macaroni with red sauce :> actually FAKE red sauce ;p ..

1- chopped onion
2- 3 tomatoes cut into cubes
3- 1 pack of hot dogs (approx 12 pieces), chopped into what ever shape you like.
4- 1/2 tomato paste pack, the 1/4 litter pack.
5- ketchup ( either "proteins" because it has a nice SWEET flavor -or- "HP" intense & the tomato flavor is very strong)
6- Salt, pepper, Curry powder "if you like"
7- Macaroni, any shape you like.

How to?

1- A table spoon of oil, then add the onions. Cook till onions start to be a little see through.

2- Add the hotdogs pieces & mix with the onions till they are medium rare.

3- Add the tomatoes to the mix.

4- Add your spices, note: if you are planning to add curry to the mix add a small tea spoon so its flavor wont be very strong! Just a hint of curry.

5- Let them cook, set your macaroni to be cooked, the usual way! Water & salt to it then add the macaroni. When the water boils add a table spoon of oil.. Let it cook till smooth. It will take from 20-30 mins only. Take it out, dry it from water then wash it with cold water immediately so the pieces wont stick together.

6- back to the sauce! Add some tomato paste, just a liiiiiitle bit of water in case your tomatoes are still stiff, then add the ketchup "this is the fake part in it ;p the sauce is only 1/3 real the rest is ;p, but it does taste good :>). Let it cook for a while till the sauce is thick. Taste it to make sure you like it.

7- Add macaroni to the sauce & mix well. Or you can serve it on the side, your call :}

that's it :} serve it!

Also on the side I made Chibatta (not sure of the spelling!) bread with pepperoni mozzarella cheese on top. Simply cut the Chibatta piece into two halfs, spread ketchup or a red sauce that you make for pizza, put pepperoni on top, cheese then into the oven :D .. Till the cheese melts! You're done.

P.S: sorry for bad image ;p mobile phone.


Purgatory said...

yeah cooking without thameeeeeeeeeeeeeeer :P that looks like dish our maid makes.

Ms.Baker said...

Oh Chillgirl, you are such a Kuwaiti :) wannesteeni!
Evidence 1: ketchup
Evidence 2: macaroni + tomato paste and onion

I loved this! We do something like this with eggs and hot dogs at Friday morning breakfast with the family :). Completely delicious with hot fresh Irani bread.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

akeed bdon thameer ;p I was not in the mood :} but my poor brother didnt object much :D ,, my excuse was "you ate it late" ;p coz he came from work wround 6pm

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL!! liked the evidence thing ;p

WE DO TOOOO LoooooooooL ,, hot dogs wth eggs.. try to add mushroom to the mix its nice too .. or if ur a cheese lover try eggs with Kraft Cheder cut into cubes & added to scrambeled eggs..

Instead of mozarilla try the Kraft-Mexican cheese mix!!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMY 3 kinds of cheese mixed all together

3baid said...

Looks tasty :]

Q80-Chill Girl said...

3baid :}

It is :> try it out :D:D