Saturday, 20 August 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

PEHEEEEEEEEEW am finally back :D. Of course the come back should introduce a special blog ,, although this blog is relatively new in the blog-o-sphere BUT the guy did great work :>

The guy isssssssssssssssssss ::

Ok the intro :} ,, a new blog two months old to be more exact YET it is full of content! I truly had a hard time picking the posts that I will review briefly. What I mostly like about 3baid is that he is very down to earth & plain realistic :} speaks about things & places that are SO Kuwait related! Even if he tries to talk about something it would be right here :>
His posts::

First of all that is one cute cat :} "Mash2 Allah" this is his first post where he other than introduce "why he signed in a blog" starts strongly with an objection :D check him out!

Firefox user! You will be interested in this post :} ... YES he is surfing in the new "firefox" wave, a plus for him :>


NOW this is the post that made me say WOW @!@ , since I have been searching & benchmarking for an apple buy I found this post to be VERY useful & informative. I advice ANY PERSON who is interested in buying an apple "any kind of device or Mac software" check this link out! Its on my "A" list posts :} of course Mark too wrote a useful post on that issue :} .. 3baid did a great job with this post :>

Am there too :} from here again I say thank you 3baid, its nice of you.

His plus'es keep adding up! He even likes sinfest's comics @!@ I love those :} try it you will addict to it!

When I read this post I said: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah I hear you bro. I suffer from the same addiction am having a rough fight currently to CONTROL my chocolate consumption ;p

@!@ got an iPod? Check it out :>

glamorously geekish!

A new perspective of The PowerPuff Girls :}

So cute :}

Back to tech. :} cool shades & ears?!! ;p

OK :} all in all I think its a great blog :> very good start, keep it up 3baid I truly enjoy visiting ur blog to see what next you have. Worth visiting so bloggers & blogger'tees give it a click :>
Best of luck 3baid.


3baid said...

Wow.. I think I just turned red @_@;
I'm so flattered! Thank you Chillout :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

3baaaaaaaaaid :D

ur most welcome, you did every thing ur self! I only did the writing ;p & hoping to see more & more fom you dear :}

PIß said...

very good choice chill...

Q80-Chill Girl said...


HeLLo there :>

thanks dear am glad u liked it :D:D his blog is soooooo much fun