Monday, 22 August 2005

The heaven between 5 & 9!

Hello there :}

Usually after my long day at work & going around to do stuff I sleep barely 5 or like 6 hours MAX! To me a sleep-a-holic that is a disaster! In fact any number of hours of sleep less than 8 is a disaster! My naps are not shorter than 3 hours that's why I don't take naps :> & if I did then I lose the day

In the 3 days long course which am attending now I get to sleep 9 HOURS :D ,, am so happy with my 3 days of 9 hours which will continue to be so during the weekend. Although there is an itch :( lately I have been waking up scared thinking I missed work! I wake up to see it 5 & think its 5PM not AM @!@ crazy but its been with me for a week now! Fortunately didn't hit me today "Monday" & I had Peace in my precious 9 hours :D


PIß said...

lol chennech ana wallah! bel weekdays anamli 5 hours max if not less leani ma3rf anam embacher killish o ham waray faz3a o 6ereej a7medi.. bs lazem akhethli nap after work wella e9ekni 9oda3 mayfech.

anyways mabrook 3alaich hal 3 days :D o mabrook 3alay my vacation.. I'm finally getting enough sleep!

BLaSha said...

i use the 24 hrs time thnigie.. one time mom messed up my entire mobile n i woke up at 5 i thought it was still dawn but it was 5 pm!!!

use the universal time, better :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL! maybee beacuse we have the same work schedule ;p ... ENJOY ur vacation dear :D I hope ur having fun, mine won't be any time before Nov. :> till then I will keep whining over here ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Blaaaaaaaaash :D

LOL ,, moms moms moms @!@ they just can't let us live ;p .. no matter what time I use I can not let a side my 8 hours :D ,, yesterday I had my 9 precious ones & am A OK today still to this hour am fiiiiiiiiine :> I wont take a nap & will go on till bed time comes :>:>