Wednesday, 31 August 2005


Place: Mijana- Libanies Rest. in Al-Kout mall

Date: Yesterday

Time: After work

Post category: Restaurant Review

Went to Al-Kout mall the other day to have lunch, the winning rest. with the most votes was "Mijana". Had a nice time there & ate till we all were over stuffed ;p


PERFECT! especially that the main colors are (brown & blue) & I'm in love with this combination since 1993!? & had it in my wardrope since then :} also there are touches of copper,gold & silver all around (including menu & other paper stuff). Using curcles also was nice :} for some reason I think circles are friendly ;p

Plastic colorfull "Kharaz" thingies are dangling all over! in the curcilar cuts inside some of the walls & the lovely devider which you see first when you enter tha place! that devider took my breath away & when I entered & looked up saw that big shandelair I fell in love with the place :D & will ask where they got it from next time am going there.

Brown & blue added "cozyness" as P-1-B said, also there were some circles in the decore that had other glass vases & stuff! not to forget the walls were not smooth which added a lovely simple touch inspiring you to think "vintage".

Also the nice distribution of glass in the place made me feel happy :) also seing the cooks work around you was nice but when your hungry extremly bad because you will order the whole menu LOL, which I thought hmm thats a bad point our clothes will catch the smell! but then again when your hungry the smell of food is irresistable & my clothes didn't catch the smell ;p "I love taking every thing in my bag :D along with the dragging purfume <-- thats an other story". Still I noted a lot of nice stuff ove rthere but am affraid to bore you with that too ;p One problem! the place is a bit packed! I didn't like that it ruined the whole lovely atmosphere, but its not too packed, acceptable in a way but not good.

For that I give 9/10


I liked it, except for their "Hummus" it didn't have much hummus in it as much as "Harda=6e7eneyah" but not so bad. The appetizers were very nice & fresh we took almost every thing ;p.

For the main course we tried their grilled meat mix which was good, Kubbah Bl Laban "Sheshbarak" that was GREAT & sour right like the way I like it to be, we also tried Sayadeyah which was very nice I loved it & likes the spices very much, tasty & the fish also was nice.

All in all I rate the food with 8.5/10


It over looks the sea, and a part of the mall. I liked its possision.

I give it 9/10

====== ++++++ ====== +++++++

All in all:
I liked the place, food, atmosphere :} I advice you all to check it out.



PIß said...

very useful post, good job chill :D
I will defiantly check it out enshallah the next time I go there, o I'm sure it's going to be after work lol... as always :p

BloBoz said...

you people stop reviewing Food ur tantalizing me with this ;p

Any way gr8 review Thanxz :-)

3baid said...

Cool! Awal murra asma3 feeh. I hope I get to see it :)

Purgatory said...

ok i did not read the contents, I stopped at the name! A place called MEYANA!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:D Yeah go after work its almost EMPTY ,, so u will take ra7tch

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Hellllllllllo there :> ,, how r u?

No so when u come back here u wuill know where to go ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Check it out out tra nice place :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

its miJana @!@ with the J ,, as in JarJeer ,, & Mijana is like the "ya laili" thing its related to libnanies singing!

& I think its a kind of singing! they say "el-mijana ow el-3ataba" it needs more reaserch ,, its pronounced as Mijana!!!

Purgatory said...

hmm, nope its the Y and J thing :P

EsTeKaNa said...

وبما انج مرتبه وشارحة كل شي عن المطعم باعتمد على ذوقج وبروح

q80_demon said...

هذا مو نفس المطعم الي مره ذكره احد المدونين الاعزاء ( اعتقد زيدون او كيو) وقال انه حاول يدخل وردوه بحجه انهم مايدخلون الا العائلات والشباب مايصير؟
وبعدين انا مقاطع الكوت، آخر مره رحت سوولنا مشكله لما حبينا ناخذ صور فوق عند ساحه المطاعم وقالوا يبيلنا تصزيح كتابي من الاداره! بفهم انا وين داش- لايكون عبالهم البيت الابيض ولا البنتاغون!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

إستكانه ::

خوش مكان انصح فيه .. جربي و ان شاء الله بتستمتعين فيه

كويتي_ديموون ::

أعتقد انه زيدون؟ و هم اعتقد انه نفس المطعم .. من ناحية منع فئة الشباب او الذكور بروحهم من الدخول ما ادري بصراحه لاني انا كنت مع بنات فا بهالموضوع شهادتي مجروحه!! بس لو للحين على خبالهم .. ما عندهم سالفه و بيخسرون وايد و مو كل اصابع اليد سوا؟ و مو معقوله ايجرمون "الذكور" لمجرد انهم ذكور :)