Sunday, 21 August 2005

Long day ahead :}

Tomorrow I will go to a new place for training. Its kinda close to the borders LOL! a real trip. Personally I like long drives BUT at night :> not in our day time heat. Never the less I am equipped with my water supply :D

تناقشت انا و شوية ناس عن الغيره اللي تكون بأثر رجعي! المقصود اهنيه بموقف وحده/واحد باكتشاف علاقات سابقة للشخص/شخصه اللي يشاركهم/تشاركهم حياتهم الحاليه بعد الزواج
;p ادري ماتصير شخصه بس صارت @!@

المهم .. يبدى احد الطرفين (بعد اعتراف الأول بالماضي) بالشك و البحث و التنقيب عن منو كان بحياة شريك حياتي الحالي !!!!؟؟؟؟

اوكي اعترف ذكر العلاقات السابقه ماله داعي برأيي لان انتوا ببداية حياة جديده .. لكن لو رغب احد الطرفين بذكرها اعتقد انه المفروض يكون متأكد ان شريكه عقلاني :> و ماراح ايشك بظله! اللي صدمني قل عقل اللي صار له/لها الموقف يعني خلاص شي و صار و انتوا الحين بحياة جديده ليش الهوس بالحسابات القديمه؟

كبروا عقولكم و فتحوا صفحه جديده ... و لو بعد دخولكم بحيات شريككم خبص و لعب بذيله/ذيلها ذيج الساعه لكم الحق :> مو قبل لا يصير شي تقلبونها دراما و فلم كئيب


BLaSha said...

Good point CG,, and ya i agree with ya,, since uve chose that guy/gurl to be ur life time partner,, 5ala9 thas it,, 4get the past,, n start all ova with him.

Grandma Funk said...

I love you!

EXzombie said...

my advise is to not tell ur spouse all the dirty stuff or for that matter, don't say a thing.....

keep it low, and safe...

Corazon Dividido said...


Can you kind of give me the gist of what you wrote in Arabic, I can't read Arabic :0/ Sorry to be a pain in your Blog.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

BlaShaa :}

Exactly my point :> why live in the past ?

Q80-Chill Girl said...




ur back @!@ OMG I just knewwwwwww :D Welcome Baaaaaaaaaaack dear :D:D

oO :$ I lushed :D:D thank u dear for loving me, well i can't blame you ;p after all it is me :D LOL! *slaps her LEO ego-filled devil*

ok am back to reality :D appreciate ur love :$

Q80-Chill Girl said...

3bd Rbena

:} that was my opinion too! because there is absolutelly no need for it! since you started a new life & a new start why look back?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Corazon Dividido

HeLLLOooooooooooo there :D

come on @!@ don't say that on the contray its PLEASURE dear :D since i know there are ppl out there who want to read for me, let a side tha fact that its YOU who wants to know what I wrote :D its a pleasure to see that from a constant reader as you :> I should be thanking you for following up dear

In breif its about a conversation I had with a group of ppl that day in which a story about a person (wont specify gender since the importaint thing is the virtue not who + it goes for both genders) that person has been informed by their life partner that they had other relations before choosing them as a partner for a life time "marriage" SOOOOOO the second part gets angry & suspicious & all in a silly way!

I wished that ppl would have bigger brains & not think of the past & try to be happy & not get obssed with the past! & creat a big tragic drama movie over nothing :}

Last but not least, you can not immagine how happy I was to know that you wanted to know what I wrote in english :D am flattered thank you dear :>