Sunday, 10 January 2010

10 : Love!

Macro trial!

A few days ago I received a broadcast thru bbm, asking :

Define LOVE from your point of view? & Why we need love in our lives?

The easy part was to explain why I think love is needed in life, I wrote We need love to enjoy life without it everything is plain, like the tulip above and its fresh friends who just got into my room, brought me joy by their existence, only. The surprisingly hard part for me was to define LOVE, I wrote love is a feeling, that goes beyond your mind & soul :) & makes you enjoy what you feel it towards. So I kinda repeated my self there, to define love by the reason its important to us, so I do not think I defined love really! I just identified a crucial character of love. The only thing related to it is that I think its beyond mind and soul.

So any way, what is love?


Flamingoliya said...

widdi a3alliq, but I'd write a book about it. bikhtisar, it's the battery that keeps a heart going. it's what gives life a taste. it's what makes us humans.....

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Flaaaaaamz :*

the thing is, what you and me are saying is what its all about, how important it is and its effects on our life,, but what is it? is it just a feeling? and that feeling produces all that joy :D this is what am wondering about,,,