Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sea Gull(s)

Stopped to take a few pictures by the sea side, saw a few people sitting here and there, some alone others with company. When I saw those two sea gulls, I thought about the people coming to talk to the sea, complain from life or happenings in their life to the sea, an idea adopted by humanity a long time ago "talking to the sea, that is". And I wondered are we gulling the sea or our selves?

Things in life do happen sometimes in a way we can not control or stop, but we can always act! We are the main derivative of change and through time human beings changed the course of history. Asking the sea what have you done to deserve this or that! Is a reversed question, you should ask your self what is going on! Think of the actions/ events/ happenings mostly upsetting you and brake them down, solve your problems, with the help of the presence of a lovely thing as the sea :)

And if you are MAKING your life messier you BETTER stop :] re-asses the situation and act towards what will make you happy. life is a circle, do not trap your self in a triangle.


Seema* said...

"life is a circle, do not trap your self in a triangle."

I liked that.

I couldn't agree more with what you wrote.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Thank you :D
and when you think of it, of all the tough things you face, life goes on, it won't wait for us :> we wither catch up or look at the remains of those who were there before us