Tuesday, 19 January 2010

19 : Red Velvet Cake

Lately I have been fond of the "red velvet cake"! trying it all around :> Read about Mr. Baker's from His & Hers blog so I decided to give it a go. It was ok, but not as much of a killer! The November Bakery is still on the top of the list for me, then the Crumbs one, then Lorenzo's :>


Anonymous said...

the pic look tempting :) bil3afiya

جبريت said...

شوفي يا اختي الكريمه

رغم اني ما احب شي اسمه حلو

لكن اليوع بالدوام عامل عمايله فيني

وقاعد اسد شهيتي بقهوه تركيه ساده رغم اني احبها حلوه لكن الصوره شكلها لا يقاوم

عاد تصدقين لو اكلها ما اكملها ما استصيغ طعم الحلو نهائيا من انا ياهل

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Allah y3afeek :D congrats on the knot tying :>

اصدقك، لان عندي اخو ما يحب الحلو! من صغره! ولا يشتهيه سواء بالبيت ولا من برا، من عاشقي العيوش و الاكل الصجي على قولته و الحلو مو بعينه لوول

Zabo0o6a said...

i like the crumbs one !
licking the frosting most likely :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


YES the frosting is amazing in the crumbs one, and even the tiny "ball shaped" ones, they wrap them in small bags! they are also yummy and great with Arabic coffee!